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How to become a Teyuto affiliate:


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Application serviced within 72 hours


Start promoting! You can track your leads and conversions inside the affiliate dashboard

There are several reasons to become a Teyuto affiliate

  • Earn commissions for life
  • Earn a steady 30% every time one of your referrals sends a payment to Teyuto (Yes,you will receive payments based on the consumption of the channels you acquire as long as they stay with us!)
  • Payments in 30 days through PayPal
  • Advantages for VIP affiliates
  • As you acquire more customers and participate in monthly affiliate challenges, you will receive exclusive bonuses including an increased commission rate, a free Teyuto account and and free OTT Apps (for you) and more.
  • Minimum annual earnings of $417, average annual earnings $1,377 for every customer you bring into Teyuto.

What makes a successful Teyuto Affiliate?

  • Mad about the video world
  • Strong social media following
  • High traffic website or channel
  • Niche blog or podcast
  • An engaged audience
  • You are a Teyuto user!
  • You have helped someone set up Teyuto
  • You have customers excited about video APIs

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