How to manage contents creation with minimum stress

When we imagine ourselves  working as a Creator, many advantages come up to our mind: you can earn money through your passion, you can freely manage your schedules, also you have an audience that recognizes and appreciates your work.

On the other hand, however, there is enormous pressure to create contents trying to maintain impossibile rhythms. 

This leads to undesirable effects such as stress and exhaustion, so much so that several Creators are starting to speak out about it, admitting to feel the need for a break from creating contents due to physical (difficulty in sleeping and breathing) and mental (anxiety, depression) repercussions.

Putting yourself and your health in the first place
is not obvious, so we want to give you some small (but fundamental!) advices that we hope will help you.

We recommend first of all to prefer quality over quantity.

Many Creators feel compelled to publish as much as possible in order to not lose their followers, even neglecting the quality of their contents: this is not the best solution, on the contrary, it could be counter-productive.

Creating quality contents shows to your audience  that you respect him, and this will lead to his loyalty.

Another very common problem among Creators (E.g. Reviewers) is to feel the urgency of being the first one to publish a certain content due to algorithms and relevancy: they become of vital importance, to the point of consuming them.

But you must accept the fact that it is impossible to always be first. If you can’t post something before anyone else is fine, it’s not the end of the world!

Also, always remember that your fans will continue to love you even if you don’t respect the schedule that you imposed on yourself.

If you’re not feeling it, take a break
and think if you will be proud of your work. Sometimes while you are working on your next project you may think that you are not doing a good job, or you might be scared of the final result. In this case it’s better to take a break and breathe, wait before going back to your work and do something alternative that you love, you will return later on your project. In this way you can recharge your mind and consider if you are going in the right direction or if it’s better to change and make something different.

You don’t have to publish contents all the time!!

Your body, your mind and your work need a vacation from time to time. 

It’s difficult to put the work in the background, but you need to remember that you are more important than your job, because your job doesn’t exist without you.

It’s a good habit take care of yourself, your followers will still be there when you come back, and if it were not so other people will follow you. 

If you learn to disconnect and combine work and passions with a healthy lifestyle, you will surely improve your future projects ( getting rid of stress thanks to your new habits.)