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  • General

  • What is Teyuto?

    Teyuto is a platform that helps companies to integrate the process of Knowledge Management driven by micro actions, that engage people with the live streaming technology.
    A company can create an Company Account and have it closed space (inside Teyuto), accessible only by who is invited. The administrator can manager everything:
    Give permissions to members
    Create groups
    Set a weekly goal
    Customize the graphic of his company
    Every company can do a 14 days of free trial, go to this page and fill the form at the end of page. Confirm mail and with 10 collaborators you can try the platform for 14 days!

  • How to manage videos

    Remember: not all people can manage videos, you can go live or upload video only if you have a Company Account and the Manager who is responsible gave to you the right permissions.
    1. On the top bar go with the mouse over your name
    2. menu will appear, click on "My videos"
    Now you are into the page that let you manage videos, let's ho to analyze in details all functions (from top to bot, from left to right):
    - Calendar: helps you to manage live events that you have to schedule
    - Blu rectangle "New Video": click on them to start a Live or upload video
    - Two cards: My lives, list blocked users
    - Menu that let you choose in which series you want to search something
    - List of all videos with the ralative informations

    How you can go live
    1. In the bar at top go hover your name
    2. A menu will appears, click on "My videos"
    3. A page with a calendar will be open (useful in case of scheduled live)
    4. Click on "New Video"
    5. Check that you are on the "Go live!" card
    6. fill the form with all the useful informations
    7. Click on "LIVE" at the end of page
    8. Wait few seconds, a new button will appear "Manage Live"
    9. Now you can go live in 2 different ways: Using our APP or using OBS
    10. Click on "Download OBS" for check the data that you need to put inside OBS (Server Live and Stream Key)
    11. Put them inside OBS and click on "Start live streaming"
    12. Now you are live! To stop the live click on "Stop streaming"

    What you can do during live
    - Answer questions asked into chat (that will generate all Questions & Asnwers section for ondemand)
    - See who partecipate
    - Check reviews
    - Choose if chat is enabled or not
    - Add attachments to video

    Live with OBS
    To go live you have 2 different ways:
    1. using OBS from you PC
    2. using our app from your Smartphone (available soon)
    Here we will explain how to use OBS from your computer. As first step you need to install OBS on your computer:
    1. Follow this link
    2. Downlaod the right version for you operating system
    3. Follow the installation procedure from OBS software
    After the installation you need to create a live on Teyuto
    1. Go hover "Live" with mouse and click on "Go Live!"
    2. Click on "New Video"
    3. Check that the card "Go Live" is selected
    4. Compile the form with all the informations about the video
    5. Click on "LIVE"
    6. After the creation of live, click on "Manage live"
    7. A new page will be open: click on "Use OBS"
    8. Copy and paste the strings (stream key and server live) on your OBS configuration
    9. Click on "Start Streaming"
    10. Now you are Live!

    How you can upload videos
    Use the same procedure of "Go live", but instead of select "Go live" card, select "Upload" card.
    1. Click on "Choose file" and choose your file
    2. Fill the form
    3. Click on "UPLOAD"
    4. Video uploaded!
    Attachements, Captions, Edit, Delete
    1. On the top bar hover on your name
    2. Click on "My videos"
    3. In the list of videos, click on the white square on the right
    4. You can choose from 4 options: Attachments, Captions, Edit, Deleteca, Elimina
    5. Click on what you need

    1. Click on "Attachements"
    2. A white page will pop up
    3. Click on "choose file" and select the file from your computer
    4. Rename the file (if you want)
    5. Click on "UPLOAD"
    6. Click outside the page to come back to the previous page

    1. Click on "Captions"
    2. A white page will popup
    3. Click on "choose file" and select the file from your computer (file need to be a .vvt ot .vtt)
    4. Specify into the "Language" the language of that captions
    5. Click on "Upload"
    6. Click outside the page to come back to the previous page

    1. Click on "Edit"
    2. You will be redirected to the page that "Manage videos"
    3. Edit the infromations that you want
    4. When you have finished, click on "GO LIVE"
    5. Edit saved

    1. Click on "Delete"
    2. A white page will pop up
    3. Click on "Delete"
    4. A dialog window will ask to you "Are you sure?"
    5. Click "OK"
    6. To come back and dont delete the live click on "no"

  • How to manage series

    How to create a series on Teyuto
    1. On the top menu go hover on your name with the mouse
    2. Click on "My Series"
    3. Click on "Add Series"
    4. Fill all the informations about the series you want to create
    5. Click on "Create"
    6. You Series is online! You can manage it by clicking on "My Series"
    Once you had created a Series, from the menu you can delete and edit all the informations

  • Company Account

  • Dashboard

    At the 1st access on Teyuto you will enter inside the Company Dashboard
    From your dashboard you can manage all
    - Edit informations about your company
    - Customize colors
    - Customize the logo
    - Check all videos inside your company
    - Manage members inside and invite new members
    - Create groups
    - Create broadcast groups
    - Manage T-Coin
    - Manage Plan for your company
    Manage informations of your company
    1. Check that you are inside your company area: on the top menu click on you company name (ex. Teyuto)
    2. Here you can check different informations
    3. You can click on "Informations"
    4. A white page will popup and you can edit all the informations
    5. Click on "SAVE"
    6. Click outside the window to go back to your dashboard
    Customize your company on Teyuto
    You can customize the colors and the logo of your company on Teyuto.
    1. Click on "Customize"
    2. Choose the color that you want
    3. Upload your logo
    4. Click on "SAVE"
    5. Click outside the window to go back to your dashboard
    Set weekly goals for your company You can set weekly goals to check if your company are working fine on Teyuto.
    1. Check that you are inside the right dashboard
    2. Click on the gear, next "Goal"
    3. Here you can set different microactions that your company needs
    4. Click on "SAVE"
    5. Click outside the window to go back

  • Manage groups

    What are groups and what are broadcast groups
    As Administrator you can create groups and drive each member into the right group, to spread contents in an ordered way and give to members the opportunity of sharing their experience.
    There are 2 types of groups:
    Group: It is a group inside only the administrator can choose who can create contents
    Broadcast: All members inside che create contents inside this group
    On the left table you can see all the groups and all the data of each group.
    Create a group
    1. Click on "+GROUP"
    2. Fill the form that will be open
    3. Click on "ADD"
    4. CLick outside to go back
    5. Now in the table you will see te group, click on the group and click on "INVITE" to invite members to the group
    Delete a group
    1. In the groups table you can see a white square
    2. Click on it
    3. A menu will appear, click on "delete"
    4. Confirm the choose
    5. Your group is been eliminated
    Edit a group
    1. In the groups table you can see a white square
    2. CLick on it
    3. A menu will appear, click on "Edit"
    4. Edit the informations that you want
    5. click on "Edit"
    6. Done

  • Create company account

    How can i create a Company account?
    - Go to the homepage of Teyuto
    - Go to bottom of the page, to the section "Scopri subito Teyuto"
    - Fill it with your data
    - Click on "Start free trial"
    You will receive a Mail with an URL to confirm that mail. With this registrations you can use Teyuto for 14 days FREE, for 10 people.
    All the useful informations about plans are here

  • manage members

    How can I invite and manage members?
    Manage the members of your company
    Before invite and adding new collaborators make sure that you have available slots!
    You can check them from your dashboard by clicking on the name of your company.
    Check too to be inside the "Members" card.

    Different members
    There are 3 different typology of members:
    - Administrator: Who create and manage the Company account
    - Manager: Choosen by Administrator, can manager contents, members and groups
    - Collaborators: Can be enabled from Manager to make contents. Has access to all contents inside his company.

    How to invite and insert new members inside your company
    1. After select on "Members" card, a new menu appears
    2. Click on "INVITE"
    3. Here you can choose if invite a member from Teyuto, by clicking on "+" or
    4. invite people per mail (you can invite more then one per time)
    5. Click on "INVITE" to complete the process
    6. Click outside the white window to go back to Dashboard
    Into the Members list you can see all the members inside your company.
    By clicking on a Member you will see the details of that member and you can choose if that member can create contents or not.
    You can delete a Member from a Group by clicking on the "X".
    Send T-Coin to Members
    1. Into the list of Members you can see 2 tables: Groups and Members
    2. Inside the Members table you can see all members of your company and see all the informations about them
    3. On the T-Coin column you can see how many T-Coin has a specific member, click on "+" to add T-Coin to that specific account
    4. Write the quantity and click on "SEND"
    5. Click outside the window to go back to the dashboard

    Enable and Delete Members
    You can enable members to create contents when you want.
    1. Click on the member that you want to edit
    2. An white window will appear
    3. Under "Create series and Videos" the menu need to be blue
    4. If it is blue, that user can create contets. Else not.

    To delete a Member from your company you can click on it and select "Delete from company"

  • Plans

    How can I start a plan with Teyuto?
    To start a Plan on Teyuto follow this link and select the best plan for you.
    There are 2 type of plan:
    - Pro (You can choose how many members you can put inside Teyuto, max 75)
    - Corporate (If you need more then 75 members you can contact us)
    If is the first registration of your company you can try Teyuto FREE for 14 days!

  • T-Coin

    What is a T-Coin?
    A T-Coin is the "Virtual coin" that you can offer to your members to let them buy contents on Teyuto.
    You can check how to add T-Coin to an account into section "Invite and Manage members"

  • Personal Account

  • Buy teyuto original series

    To buy a Teyuto Original Series:
    - Click on the image of the Series
    - Click on "Buy Series"
    - Make the Payment
    - You can access to all the Series!

    You can see all the Ondemands contents and partecipate to the live events!
    If you don't know what is a Teyuto Original Series, go here

  • Create personal account

    How can I create a personal account?
    To create a personal account:
    1. Click (in the right part of main bar) on "Login"
    2. Click on "Register"
    3. Fill the form and click on "Register"

    If all is ok you will receive a confirmation mail! (check the SPAM inbox)
    After the login, you'll see all the Teyuto Original Series avaiable for purchase.
    To purchase a Series, check "How to buy a Teyuto Original Series".

  • Delete personal account

    How can I delete my account?
    You can deactivate you account when you want.
    1. Into the principal bar, hover with mouse on your name
    2. Click on "Settings"
    3. Go to bottom and click on "Deactivate Account"
    4. Now you account is deactivate

    You can recover the account in 1 week from when you had disabled it.

  • Transitions

    Which payment methods are allowed on Teyuto?
    There transitions on Teyuto only during the purchasing of a Teyuto Original Series.
    Allowed payment methods are:
    - Credit card/ Debit
    - Paypal
    - Venmo
    - Apple Pay
    - Google Pay
    - Visa checkout
    - Masterpass
    - Amex Express Checkout
    - ACH Direct Debit

  • Watching Teyuto

  • Manage video quality

    Slow connection, I can watch contents with a lower quality?
    You can change the quality of video by clicking on the gear and selecting the optimal quality for you.
    You can choose from 3 differents modality:
    - Original: Original quality of video, not good for slow connections.
    - HD: High quality, not perfect for slow connections.
    - HQ: Good quality, perfect for slow connections.

  • Questions and reviews

    Can I do questions and leave review?
    During an live event, if you are a viewer, you can interact with the protagonist of the live asking questions and leaving a review.
    If you want send a question, you can use the chat at the right of the video, in this way the protagonist can see you question and choose if want to answer or not.
    If yes, that question will be saved in the Q&A section and can be viewes from every people that will see the same video but ondemand.
    The question can be done into ondemand videos too with the same modality of live.
    You can leave a review too, from 1 to 5 stars, and leave a comment.

  • Teyuto Original Series

  • What are Teyuto original

    What are the "Teyuto Original Series"?
    An Teyuto Original Series is a set of contents about a specic topic.
    It is composed by a specific number of episodes, each one about 6 minutes (less or more) and with a Top Manager.
    Addition to the ondemand contents (shot in a cinematographic way) there are a live events (with the same Top Manager) in which it is possibile to interact by our questions and answers system.
    Companies who had a plan with Teyuto can access to all the series free for 1 month.

    Do you can be a Teyuto Original?
    We are in costant research for talents and top manager that are ready to get in the game with us.
    If you think you can be one of the Manager of "Teyuto Original Series" let us know it by contacting us in the section "Original Series" that you can find in out hompeage.

  • Partner Program

  • Become a Creator

    Become a Creaton on Teyuto mean can access to a different advantages:
    - Create contents in Teyuto style
    - Upload contents to Teyuto's Marketplace
    - Optimized technology to monitor your progress
    - Manage series independelty
    - Only 10% of fee
    Teyuto's Team can choose who can be a Creator.
    For more inofrmation check the partner page.


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