Complete payment system

Teyuto is an all-in-one video monetization platform that enables you to accept payments from all over the world. Instantly and keep 100% of the profits.

Flexible monetization

Choose the most suitable sales method for your offer, there are no limits.

  • Subscription: Offer access at a recurring price.
  • Onetime Sales: Sell your content for a one-off price.

From visitor to Customers

Your channel and shopping cart are optimised and designed to convert your potential customers into paying users. Thanks to an intuitive payment flow, your users’ shopping experience is unique and effortless.

Manage & Monetize your videos worldwide

Freemium & free trials

Increase your user base with freemium access and free trials. Establish relationships with your customers and show them the value of your channel.

Coupons & promotions

Create time-limited coupons and promotions to encourage interested buyers.

Upsells & cross-sells

Upsell or cross-sell to existing customers on another platform and convert them into high-value customers with exclusive offers.

Secured SSL checkout

Provide your customers with confidence and maximum security during the payment process.

Flexible payout system

Receive users’ payments directly to your bank account using Stripe.

Manage your advertising

Optimized pages and sections designed to convert your potential customers to paying users. With an intuitive checkout flow to make every purchase a seamless experience.

Ready to start creating your video empire?