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The program partner to promote contents of value

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    Create contents

    originals and valuable

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    increase audience

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    only 10% of fee

  • The exclusive partner program

    Marketplace inside transmit your contents

    Manage you series independently

    Contents Teyuto style

    All the technology of Teyuto to track your progress

    Only 10% of fee

    Teyuto's Team reserves the possibility to choose who can have access to the Teyuto Parter program.
    Moreover, if you will have the access to the program you need to follow some best practice to create contents suitable for the Teyuto format.

Did you diceded to start create original and valuable contents?
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*Teyuto's Team will reply until 48h from the request, to help us to choose the right Partner we invite you to send much more informations you can about what .

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