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Tailored Minutes Delivered Included monthly

Tailored Minutes Live Streaming included monthly

Everything in Premium+

Tailored Minutes Stored *

White-label mobile apps

White-label TV OTT apps

Chromecast support

Ad Tag (VAST) Pre-roll, Mid-roll, End-roll ads

End user support

White-glove account management

API Access for Developers/OTT Apps


Starting at

Start Free Trial

50.000 Minutes Delivered Included monthly

1.500 Minutes Live Streaming included monthly

Everything in Essentials+

7.500 Minutes Stored *

4K / 20GB x Video

Analytics Premium

Live Streaming Instant Poll

Courses BETA

Multi Language

Custom CSS & Section

Remove ‘Powered by Teyuto’

Live Chat Support


Starting at

Start Free Trial

10.000 Minutes Delivered Included monthly

600 Minutes Live Streaming Included monthly

3.000 Minutes Stored *

FULL HD / 4GB x Video

0% Transaction Fee

Live Streaming Chat

Like & Comments


Coupon & Gift Card

Video Quiz

Multiple Currencies

Connect Custom Domain

Custom Page

Basic Skin customization


API will be available in all OTT plans soon

Video usage based pricing

Discounts applied as your usage grows.

Minutes delivered monthly
0 – 150.000  0,0020€/min
150.000 – 500.000  0,0017€/min
> 500.000   Contact us

Minutes Storage monthly
0 – 7.500  0,03€/min
7.500 – 60.000  0,025€/min
> 60.000   Contact us


Minutes Live Streaming monthly
0 – 3.000  0,06€/min
3.000 – 12.000  0,05€/min
> 12.000  Contact us

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do storage limits work? *
The storage is counted in minutes of video stored and live streaming recorded.

Can I free up storage space? 
However, if you remove the videos and the videos was upload/stream in the current monthly cycle, these minutes will be removed from the usage in the next month.