Video platform to

Connect company, share experience

Improves the internal communication through video experience

Company area safe and customizable

To manage everything about your company and your collaborators

Video in TV show format

To manage all your contents in video, like episode of a TV show
directly from your PC or smartphone

Analytics, all under your control

To improve continuously you training process

Train, Communicate and engage with company inside video

Power. Efficient. Safe.

Video company portal

Manage all video contents of your company

Creators and Collaborators

Invite and engange Creators and Collaborators inside your private area

Video company portal

A private area for you company, within which you collaborators can sharing experience.

Customize private area

Monitor progess

Manage plans and informations

Manage roles

Create interest groups

Communicate with single user or inside groups


Each collaborator is unique, customize involvement

Invite your collaborators on Teyuto, deliver organised video contents and track their activities

Best contents video organised like a TV show

Teyuto offer to you the best tools to express your uniqueness

Video On demand

Video Live

Video quiz

Video on demand

Did you know that video can generate up to 135% of attention compared to any other content?

Offer to your Company a video cloud of experience exclusive, intuitive and well organized

Always reproducible

Innovative Q&A System and feedback on video

All in cloud

Increase engagement

Increase collaboration

Exclusive contents

Live Video

The trend to increase the engagement and interest of your Collaborators

Live video are ever more important in learning process, to increase the involvement of your Collaborators.

Video Quiz

Test your collaborators with interactive video

Insert quiz inside video or at the end of a Series, in this way you can test your collaborators or teach to them in a better and more interactive way

Interactive learning

Assessing their skills


Measures everything

If you don't measure something, you can't improve it, discover the real interests of your collaborators.

Company analytics

Analytics on video

Company analytics

Track the progess of your Company and propose aleays better contents

Get analytics on the usage to undestand how you collaborators are using Teyuto

Interations performed

Video and live performed

Connection on Teyuto

Analytics for each user on each video

Question in live and ondemand

Interaction inside video chat

Analytics on video

Analyze each single video to offer always better contents.

A mobile app to create live contents.

You need only your smartphone to go live and create exclusive contents. Available for:

Teyuto Creator app

Turn your smartphone into a cemera!

Download our app (iOS and Android) and go live from where you want, when you want.
It's the tool most fast and efficient to create valuable video contents.

Create events

Go live

Interact with your audience

Start today

Discover Teyuto

Customize involvement, reduce costs, increase audience and engagements of your collaborators.

watch_later Free up to 5 hours video storage

group Unlimited members

credit_card No required payments

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