Build your video empire

New era of delivering premium video contents

  • Your everywhere

    Offer to your audience a custom app, on desktop as on mobile.

  • Your empire, everywhere

    Everything you need to earn and manage your VOD service, from any device

  • Acquire and manage leads

    Attract new followers to your channel, take advantage of the power of Teyuto's leads manager and chatbot

  • Increase your earnings

    Manage your fee at any moment and increase you earnings

  • Video portal

    Where you can manage all your video contents

    • Customize private area

    • Monitor progress

    • Manage plans and informations

    Video in TV show format

    • On demand video

      Offer to your members a video cloud of exclusive, intuitive and well organized experiences

    • Live Video

      The trend to increase the engagement and interest of your users.

    • Video quiz

      Test your users with interactive video.

  • Create your Landing Page

    Prepare your landing page to convert visitors in leads. No IT skills required!

    • Create your Landing Page

    • Generate leads

    • Build your chatbot to generate leads

  • Manage leads and contacts

    Manage all users inside your channel, send custom messages and use tools to manage newsletter to engage more.

    • Import and export contacts

    • Send customized alerts

    • Convert your leads

  • Newsletter

    Send custom mail to all contacts or to specified segments. Manage your Newsletter system in a simple way.

    • Send email fast

    • Split leads in segments

    • Track your sent email

  • Complete payments system

    Manage payments with Stripe Connect in a safe and easy way. Increase earnings with premium contents

    • Sell single series

    • Manage subscriptions

    • Choose your transaction fee

    • +500

      Creators who are using Teyuto

    • +250

      Series created with Teyuto

    • +1300

      Videos uploaded to Teyuto

    • Low and transparent commissions

    • With Teyuto you keep


      +3% commissions per transaction (approximately)

    • With the others

  • Video on different screens

    Customize your Teyuto app and make it available for your leads

    • Complete personalization

    • No programming skills

    • Direct communication with leads

testimonial 1
Franco Marzo
@ smartmanagement

Teyuto allows me to manage in only one platform all video, from those on demand to those live, from those free to those with subscription

testimoial 2
Barbara Bellini
@ docomo digital

In a world that constantly changes, share the knowledge is the key for growth. With Teyuto it is simply and fast.

  • Take part in the creators revolution

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