8 Ways to Earn Money Online with Cloud Video Streaming

Making money with OTT platforms is easy. Read 8 practical ways to earn money online by streaming videos at minimum investment
October 15, 2023
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Do you want to earn online money but don't have any idea about it where to start? You don't need to be worried. In this article, you will learn a step-by-step guide to monetizing cloud video streaming and turning it into a money-making machine.

In the past few years, the audience of giant over-the-top content streaming companies like Netflix, Disney+, and YouTube has increased by up to 50%.

Generally, it is a good time for video content producers because the skyrocketing growth of the digital audience has generated numerous opportunities to start a permanent OTT business to make money.

Earn Money with Cloud Video Streaming; Myth or Reality?

If you want to learn to monetize a cloud video, you should consider some decisive factors. I.e.,

  1. You have a website and an application.
  2. Online presence is necessary to make progress in the right direction. 
  3. A reliable OTT platform like Teyuto to customize, analyze, and monetize video effectively.

There is no quick recipe. Monetizing live streaming is a time taking process that demands a comprehensive strategy to grow the potential audience gradually. There is no method to make an unlimited money flow within the first few months. You should expect less from this job to get an instant response. 

Now all your ideas and desired expectations are queued up. It's time to get to the bottom of the procedure to make money with a minor investment. 

What is cloud video monetization?

cloud video monetization

Cloud video monetization involves steps that help earn money online by streaming videos using OTT or cloud-based- platforms. Typically, the process goes through

  • Targeted advertisements,
  • Subscription services
  • Pay-per-view models.

 It is an increasingly popular form of content monetization as businesses look to make the most out of their video content and expand their business globally without restrictions.

Online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon are the most popular forms of cloud video monetization, hitting the skies regarding earning profits. Following a similar model, a user can easily create a streaming channel to upload his content for monetization.

OTT platforms can help to deliver in-depth analytics of live and prerecorded videos like 

  1. Tracking user engagement
  2. Analyzing user behavior
  3. Optimizing content

Since it is the era of technology, making trends in your videos is easy, but it requires contemporary knowledge of trending issues and methods to push your content to the maximum audience. For instance, video gamers earn money simply by chatting live, some brands launch many challenges with thousands of coverage, and education institutes go online to teach and earn more. 

What can be monetized?

Video-info business is based on two major fields: 

  1. Educational Products
  2. Entertainment content

Academic courses similar to higher education and author's development: webinars, training, and coaching sessions are both included in online education.

On the other hand, media personalities like bloggers and stars create entertainment content. There is a third type, i.e., creative authors: artists, and musicians. But remember that the audience prefers sincerity and dedication instead of a glossy picture.

Since there are endless professions that can be streamlined to make money online, we have discussed some of the most prominent ways to do the job conveniently. 

Live Shopping

Live stream shopping is an emerging and one of the most practical ways to make money online. In this form of shopping, customers enjoy a live stream and watch the product's instant reviews. Usually, the host briefs the audience about the different product features and pros and cons and makes sales.

Customers who are satisfied with the review make purchases from the live stream. Modern OTT platforms provide tailored solutions to enhance the viewer's engagement, such as adding a live comment box to help a host read and answer queries. 

If the host is hosting the platform as an affiliate, he can earn decent revenue by selling each product. In short, cloud video streaming is a massive pool allowing a user to judge his potential in any business. 

Live Movie Reviews

streaming movie monetization

Live movie review is a unique idea to increase your income. This is not only a challenging but interesting task also. You should have enough knowledge and understanding of the movie industry. Similarly, having the ability to express ideas and opinions in public is a plus point that will assist you in narrating any story with the right tune and pitch.

Initially, you need a platform to live broadcast your reviews, for instance, the Teyuto OTT platform, which offers a flexible video content management system.

 Live movie review streaming should include

  1. An introduction of the main character
  2. Clips of some crazy scenes
  3. End with catharsis

 After that, you can pile up all trending movies, web series, and documentaries. Here is a practical tip to know the interests of your potential viewer. You can start with the trending movies on Netflix. In addition, if you want to streamline in a particular country, you can easily narrate native content. 

When you are famous, have written a lot of content, and have a vast audience, create a subscription service. People will pay a fee to watch your reviews. 

Live News Broadcasting

Live news broadcasting is another highly paid field, giving skilled persons a great opportunity. Demand for live news broadcasts has been increasing day by day. Many people make money in this field.

Live news broadcasters work for local and national news networks. They also work for independent companies on and freelance basis. They earn money from each job. 

Although there is a massive trend of news anchors using YouTube channels to broadcast live analysis, it is quite expensive. For instance, YouTube deducts 40% of the total income, which is quite discouraging. Therefore, you need Teyuto OTT platform, which doesn't deduct anything from ad revenue. 

Streaming for Product Reviews

Product reviews on live streaming is an increasingly popular way to earn money online. Since it doesn't require particular expenses for studio and decoration, you can start from the comfort of your home too. 

To share your opinion, experience, and expertise with the world, connect with your audience, and generate revenue, you can choose the best method, which is a product review. First, create a platform, make several videos of product reviews, and optimize it. Signup with Teyuto Tv, which provides a subdomain and a user-friendly interface to customize your content. 

There are mainly three ways to monetize product review live streaming

  1. Partnership with brands
  2. Create sponsored posts
  3. Affiliate marketing

Partnership with brands

If you partner with the brand, you can make some decent bucks by reviewing their products.

Create sponsored posts

If you make a video of a product review and create sponsored posts, that company will pay you to promote its services and products.

Affiliate Marketing

Many product review platforms offer special affiliate marketing programs. You will be paid for every sale.

Mobile Game Streaming 

Mobile games generated $430 billion in 2022. These stats show the massive growth of online gaming content for streamers. There is another way to earn money online, which is live game streaming. In this type of streaming, you will earn money from many viewers' ad revenue, donations, and subscriptions. 

Brand partnership and sponsorship are other ways for streamers to earn money. Firstly, you have to make a streaming setup. You must buy additional equipment such as: 

  1. Microphone
  2. Webcam
  3. Streaming software

When you get ready, promote your stream by sharing it on social media platforms and websites. To increase your audience, you have to make a network with other streamers.

You must stream consistently and actively on different social media platforms to be successful in this field. The ads during your streams, donation, and subscriptions will generate revenue. Work hard and be dedicated; one day, you can build a thriving streaming career and earn money by doing what you love.

Hosting Live Religious Events

Hosting live religious events is another popular way to earn money online. There are different ways to stream. You can host your streams with your church partner or other organizations streaming their events. 

This religious events streaming can become profitable if you use proper equipment and setup.

It is imperative to master the target audience before organizing the religious event stream. In this way, you will determine the format of the stream and the type of content you have to discuss in that stream.

 You should consider some basic aspects of cloud video streaming, i.e., video length, episodes, and the method to monetize it. The stream can be monetized by charging viewers, running ads, and offering sponsorships.

By hosting live religious events, you can spread the word of your faith and can make money.

Streaming Personal Music Videos 

Streaming musical events is another popular full-time job to earn money online. You can live broadcast your musical performance or festival on OTT platforms such as Teyuto Customized Video Platform with CDN. 

If your content is entertaining, you can offer exclusive access to those who pay the subscription fee. You can also create merchandise or virtual goods to increase your income by selling them to viewers.

Few things you must keep in your mind to earn money from online platforms.

  1. Your technology must be up-to-date and reliable.
  2. Your marketing strategy must be good to attract more audiences and promote your stream.
  3. Must be familiar with the rules and regulations of streaming platforms. 

Top OTT Monetization Models to Earn Money Online in 2023

Top OTT Monetization Models 2023

Major changings occur in consuming videos. 820 million video devices are connected in the USA, and 235 million users consume digital videos. The technology of (OTT) over-the-top platforms is behind these digital media services.

Any content creator can use OTT platforms to provide the audience with the same viewing experience and monetize. For example:

  1. If you are a seasoned fitness trainer, you can sell this service online by making a website and charging a monthly subscription fee to sell on-demand fitness classes.
  2. If you are a business coach who wants to earn money online, you can sell your video courses on a monthly subscription by using the OTT platform.

There are endless possibilities for video creators.

What is a video on demand? 

The abbreviation of VOD is a video on demand. It is a service that allows users to stream online content such as movies and TV shows. This content can be accessed at any time and does not require any type of subscription. In this method, you create video content and distribute it to your subscribers instead of streaming it live.

There are several benefits of VOD. 

  1. Viewers can enjoy the content with greater accessibility.
  2. The audience can control the entire playlist. For a better user experience, it is essential to give the option to choose exactly what consumer or viewers wants.
  3. On VOD platforms, viewers can play, pause, fast forward, and rewind accordingly. 

Video On Demand is ready-made videos that you can google. Think YouTube and Netflix: you get content when you want it. All pre-filmed videos, including lessons, reviews, and online series, are included in this group.

What is SVOD?

We will discuss the most critical VOD model, i.e., SVOD. With the help of this model, viewers pay some amount weekly, monthly, or yearly to access the complete content library. SVOD models streamline content without ads and pop-ups.

Here are some most popular SVOD platforms to consume video content:

  • Amazon Prime
  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • Hulu,
  • HBO Max

What is TVOD?

TVOD is a video-on-demand service that allows users to purchase individual episodes for immediate streaming or download. TVOD services usually charge for each transaction, making it a pay-per-view system.

What is AVOD?

This is a free platform on which you can access your favorite content without paying any subscription fee. In this model, video creators make money by including ads in their content.

External companies partner with the content creators who advertise their product in a short video that plays during the video content. Watching cable television and the AVOD model are very similar to each other. Viewers see ads that are annoying to them.

Which model is better?

If you want to earn money online for the long term by VOD business, the SVOD model is the best option. Top-notch companies like Amazon or Netflix choose this model to provide streaming services.

 Since every model has pros and cons, SVOD has become one of the most popular options for consuming video content. According to a report published by Statista, the gross number of VOD subscriptions in the US would grow by 33% from 2021 to 2026, reaching 450 million. Similarly, popular cloud streaming services have big guns like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV, allowing the audience to access the content with monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans.

2023 Best Platforms for VOD and OTT

Best Platform for Vod in 2023

Teyuto Video On Demand streaming service allows you to create your unique TV channel from video files. Similarly, content monetization services can connect multiple ad aggregators or set up a content-selling process that requires viewers to pre-pay per view. We aim to provide a single interface that will combine all kinds of tools for storing, analytics, processing, and delivering content worldwide.

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