Best OTT Platforms to Create Your Own OTT Platform

Planning to start your OTT? Read this blog to find out what is needed to develop your own OTT channel and the top OTT service providers to build one.
October 15, 2023
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Are you looking for the best OTT solution providers to create your own OTT platform? If yes, then this post is just for you. Over the Top (OTT) Platforms have transformed the way we consume media and entertainment content over different devices such as smartphones and PCs.

To us unaware muggles, it looks simple to just “stream” the content online. But, behind this simple streaming process, there's a complex tech stack of OTT services with a lot of moving parts (such as video encoding, transcoding, transmuxing, device detection, last-mile content delivery, digital rights management, load balancing, and more.)

If you consider that all of this is done in a few hundred milliseconds (1 second is 1000 milliseconds), a smoothly playing video on any device is nothing short of wizardry!

No doubt then, that choosing one of the best OTT video service providers for your needs is crucial to ensure a successful and smooth launch of your own streaming service.

In this post, we will discuss what is an OTT platform, how it works, and the best OTT providers for building your own customized OTT platform.

What is an OTT Platform?

OTT stands for Over-The-Top (OTT) media services that provide audio-visual entertainment content such as movies, TV series, corporate videos, etc., directly via the internet to end users of these services. Such video delivery services bypass the conventional broadcasting ecosystem of cable TV and satellite TV.

OTT platforms are also known as OTT video platforms, OTT streaming platforms, OTT video services, OTT video solution, OTT service providers, OTT video service providers, OTT video solutions, or, simply, online video platform providers.

Examples of popularly known global players in this space are Netflix, Apple TV+, Hulu, Prime Video, etc. Some examples of corporate OTT solutions include intranet, custom video portals, and industry-specific OTT platforms.

Examples of OTT Platforms

Some of the use cases for an OTT solution include:

1. OTT Video Platform for Enterprises

Enterprises can use an OTT platform to create their own intranet or custom video portal. This allows them to share corporate videos, training materials, and other content with employees in a secure manner. It also helps them save on travel costs by conducting virtual meetings via live streaming of events such as townhalls, conferences, etc., over the internet.

2. Educational

OTT platforms can be used by educational institutions to create their own video portals for sharing course content with students. This helps them save on the costs of printing and distributing study material, while also allowing them to create an advanced, data-driven learning environment. The generated data can help them personalize training modules for their students.

3. OTT Streaming Platforms

OTT streaming platforms are ideal for media companies that want to launch their own branded online TV channels or subscription-based VOD services such as Netflix, Hulu, etc. This is one of the most popular use cases for an OTT platform. OTT streaming platform enables you to reach your audience while bypassing conventional channels of broadcasting and their red-tapism.

4. Content Creators

Content creators can use OTT platforms to launch their own branded streaming services and monetize their content via subscription-based models. This allows them to brand themselves better, reach a wider audience, and ensure they get fairly paid for the value of their work!

5. Sports Streaming

Both sports broadcasters and individual teams can create an online TV channel using an OTT platform provider and live stream matches over the internet. It can increase fan engagement as well as revenue from ticket sales or sponsorships by reaching out to fans around the world.

They could even offer exclusive behind-the-scenes footage on demand so viewers feel like they're part of something special instead of just being mere spectators sitting passively in front of screens without any interaction whatsoever.

6. Religious Streaming

Religious institutions can use OTT platforms to live stream religious ceremonies and other events over the internet. In today’s digital-first age, this approach ensures maximum attendance and helps ordained ministers to take the word of God where it should be – amongst the common masses!

7. Government Organizations

Everyone is going online. And government organizations and departments aren’t behind! In fact, they’re leading the way with their digital services. Smart governments are using OTT platforms to make live streaming of important announcements or news easy for everyone – no matter what kind of device you're on! And that's not all… They can also create custom video portals where citizens will find government-related resources such as reports, policy issues, etc., in one place instead of having them scattered across multiple websites.

8. Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofits have a lot going on and it can be hard for them to get their message out there without some help from technology. It’s not about fundraising anymore – now there are many more different ways for nonprofits to use OTT platforms like live streaming events, creating videos that explain their cause with the help of an expert panel from across different fields, etc., or even making announcements while they're on the go!

9. Political Parties

Politicians and political parties can use OTT video platform solutions to stream rallies so people who can't access those kinds of events in person still get to see what's happening firsthand - no matter where you might be located physically!

10. Private Live Streaming

OTT platforms can also be used for private live streaming of events such as birthdays, weddings, or any other personal celebration. Here’s how it works! Just invite your friends and family members to watch the event in real-time on their TV sets while they're chilling out at home (or even if they're away from home). They'll never miss a moment again because, with OTT video platform solutions, you don't have ANY limits when presenting content over internet connections. You also don’t have to worry about annoying advertisements shown before every clip starts!

Different Implementations of OTT Platforms

There are two ways in which you can build your own OTT platform – either by building it from scratch or using an existing white-label solution.

Let's look at both these options in detail below:

Building Your Own Customized OTT Platform from Scratch

This option involves developing all the components required for delivering video on demand (VOD) and live streaming, such as transcoding, DRM protection, CDN delivery network integration, etc., yourself.

Today, a user may discover your platform on a smartphone, access it via a laptop, watch videos on a tablet, and, later, continue viewing the video on a Smart TV. So, what you will also need are front-end applications for various devices like smartphones/tablets (iOS & Android), Smart TVs (Android TV & Apple TV), PCs/laptops (Windows & macOS), and licensed video protocols that work with respective platforms.

The advantage of adopting this approach is that you have complete control over every aspect of your service. Do you want to encode videos in RTMP? Check. Want your delivery protocol to be HLS? Check. The video player must have your logo as a watermark? Check. Want delivery to only be in a particular region? Check. Everything will basically be customized to your needs.

But this approach is not without its challenges.

You will need to hire a team of developers with expertise in video streaming technologies and front-end development for different devices. This can be expensive as well as time-consuming (it may take months or even years). Also, you will have to invest heavily in infrastructure such as servers for transcoding videos into multiple bitrates/resolutions and CDN delivery network integration.

And still, you may end up with several loose ends. They may either affect your user experience or lead to a major security concern. There’s no point in reinventing the wheel, especially when there are dedicated solution providers that will give precisely what you need for a fraction of the cost that you’d otherwise experience. This is where white-label OTT solutions like Teyuto come into perspective.

Using an Existing White Label OTT Platform

This option involves using the existing white-label solution from one of the best OTT providers. Such players offer all the required components out of the box, including content management system (CMS), video encoding & transcoding services, DRM protection, monetization options (like SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, etc.), payment processing, workflow automation, and analytics along with white-label apps for various devices such as smartphones/tablets (iOS & Android), Smart TVs (Android TV & Apple TV) PCs/laptops (Windows & macOS).

All these features are available under your own brand name. So, it looks like you’ve built everything yourself! Another advantage here is that there's neither an upfront investment nor you need to worry about locking in the capital in infrastructure (hosting servers, licensing, or CDN delivery network integration.)

The only thing you need to do is focus on your content and marketing strategy, while the OTT service provider takes care of everything else for you. This approach also allows you to launch your own streaming platform in a matter of days or weeks instead of months or years!

Our two cents would be that it's not wise to reinvent the wheel. If you are looking to launch your own OTT platform quickly and cost-effectively, then using an OTT platform provider is the way to go.

Factors to Consider While Building a Successful OTT

Several online video platform providers are available, each with its features. Therefore, it's essential to identify the critical aspects. Before choosing an OTT platform provider, here are a few things you should consider:

  • Genre: Choose an appropriate genre while building your own OTT video solution to share content, On-Demand videos, events, or movies that meet users' needs.
  • Target Market: Strategic content delivery can make your audio or video content adaptable and compatible for streaming across all platforms and devices.
  • Enhanced viewing experience: Deliver original content and focus on providing an engaging viewing experience. Focus more on streaming relevant content to the masses now that numerous OTT video service providers are available.
  • User Behavior: Because your target audience is more diverse and dynamic, it's crucial to provide a variety of content to appeal to them. You can do this by using analytical tools like real-time traffic updates, viewership statistics, user behavior analytics, revenue reports, etc., to understand how they think and how they behave.
  • Monetization Business Tools: The best business models for monetizing online video include live streaming and video-on-demand. Select the monetization strategy that best fits your company's requirements to generate revenue more quickly by increasing viewing through advertising. As OTT streaming service providers, you have plenty of room to grow your lucrative revenue streams.

Plan your resources: Create your own OTT platform based on the type of content distribution that would appeal to your audience. To give your customers a better viewing experience, make sure that resources are appropriately planned.

Best OTT Platforms for 2023 and Beyond


A screengrab of the Teyuto platform

Teyuto is a video delivery platform that provides complete white-label solutions for OTT services such as Live Streaming, Video on Demand (VOD), and Subscription Based Services. One of the best features of Teyuto is that, unlike other service providers, it also provides you with a drag-and-drop channel builder. You can use it to create your customizable UI Design and tailor your platform’s interface according to your specific needs.

It barely comes as a surprise then that Teyuto has been recognized as one of the most reliable OTT platforms by many leading industry experts! For instance, it is rated as the Best Video Solution provider by Gartner’s GetApp while also being highly rated by Capterra, Trustpilot, and Product Hunt.

The support team is available 24x7 via helpdesk and chatbot anytime during the day. They also provide quick resolutions!


1. No upfront investment required

2. Robust CMS with ultra-low-latency delivery

3. Cross-platform support including smartphones and TV apps

4. Rigorous Security including SSL encryption, PCI service provider certification, signed URLs, 99.99% uptime, geo-blocking, etc.

5. In-video Q&As and Instant Polls

6. Conditional videos for Learning & Development

7. 0% transaction fee on user payments & donations

8. Live chat and comments

9. Full HD and 4K videos

10. Chromecast & AirPlay support

11. In-player file attachments

12. Detailed Insights

13. Lifetime referral earning

14. White-label platform development

15. Branded video player with company colors and watermark

16. Subscriptions start at roughly $30 per month

17. Great third-party support including 1000+ integrations with Zapier

18. Gift cards, coupons, and personalized marketing (including emails & push notifications)

19. Upselling and reselling of subscriptions

20. Paywalls & trial videos

21. Semantic video search for quick & easy video discovery

22. Proprietary video technology keeps your overall cost to the bare minimum

23. Two-factor authentication. Unlike other service providers that provide 2FA, Teyuto provides this feature on all plans


1. No free tier (although the pricing is highly competitive and there’s an ongoing free trial)


A screengrab of the Uscreen platform

Uscreen is a video monetization platform for content creators. Uscreen provides you with the tools to build and monetize your own OTT service, which includes hosting & distributing videos online through an HTML5 video player (and/or apps).

There are many epic features in Uscreen, including mind-blowing aesthetics and a plethora of marketing, sales, and cognitive technologies that function on all devices.

In order to fit their brand, you can customize your website and apps, giving your audience a totally unique experience. With Uscreen, you can also fully control your clients' data because their database safely stores all billing and other consumer information, which can be extracted later.


1. No upfront investment required

2. Paywalls and trial videos

3. Cross-platform support including smartphones and TV apps

4. Rigorous Security including SSL encryption, PA-DSS PCI compliant, 99.99% uptime, geo-blocking, etc.

5. Live chat and comments

6. Full HD videos

7. Chromecast & AirPlay support

8. Gift cards and coupons

9. Detailed Insights

10. Lifetime referral earning

11. White-label platform development

12. Great third-party support including 1000+ integrations with Zapier

13. Good design templates based on different use cases

14. Upselling and reselling of subscriptions


1. Uscreen’s video player is not customizable

2. The barrier to entry in terms of price is high with basic plan starting at $79 per month

3. 4K video delivery not available

4. Unlike Teyuto, Uscreen is a revenue share OTT builder. Transactional videos involve a 5% commission. Uscreen also charges $0.5 per month per active subscriber.

5. You cannot brand the video player

6. In-video quizzes are not supported; conditional videos are not available

7. The apps are only available with a Uscreen plus plan, starting at $799 per month

8. Uscreen's video technology is not proprietary. It's licensed. This ultimately increases your cost of ownership.


A screengrab of the Dacast platform

Dacast has all the features that brands and content creators expect from top-quality OTT platforms. Their high-quality live-streaming video is excellent for marketing, communications, and sports coverage. One advantage of using their service is that all customers have access to live streaming, while other sites only let premium users use this function.

Dacast converts your video footage using transcoding software into a streamable format. Their cloud transcoding solutions utilize a variety of encoding settings to quickly and easily complete this procedure.

With a variety of monetization tools, clients may also monetize their VOD platform. With TVOD, SVOD, and AVOD formats, they can monetize using a secure SSL barrier. To earn money from advertising, they can place ads on their content. Additionally, Dacast includes a tool that allows content producers to provide discount codes or bundles of services at bundled prices.


1. Plans starting at $39 per month

2. Full HD broadcasting

3. Unlimited concurrent viewers

4. Player customization

5. Secure delivery

6. Geo-blocking

7. Digital rights management

8. Video chapter markers


1. Essential features such as DRM and bulk upload only available in scale plan (starting at $188 per month)

2. 4K delivery not available

3. Not-so-great customer support

4. Subscriptions are billed annually. No monthly billing cycles


A screengrab of the Wowza platform

Wowza is an OTT platform that delivers video-on-demand and live-streaming solutions. Wowza fosters innovation in every sector and delivers video deployments by acting as the partner that helps companies scale.

Wowza Video is the best option for companies that wish to use videos to improve their products and services since it combines all the essential streaming technologies your company needs into a single platform.

Wowza Streaming Engine is ideal for self-managed infrastructures and offline deployment due to its powerful and fully customizable capabilities.


1. Reliable and efficient streaming engine

2. Ultra-low latency

3. UHD broadcasting

4. Robust CDN

5. In-depth Analytics

6. Plans starting at $25 per month


1. Not many customizations are available

2. Pricing is somewhat hard to understand

3. Configuration and management of servers can be difficult

4. Subscriptions are billed annually. No monthly billing cycles


A screengrab of the Brightcove platform

By enabling its customers to design and deliver flawless video experiences across mobile, online, smart, and connected TVs, Brightcove helps them increase engagement, connections, and revenue quickly and affordably.

Along with customizable content management and significant market expertise, Brightcove provides them the option of various monetization models to increase their revenue.

Whether it's virtual town halls, weekly all-hands meetings, new hire onboarding, internal product or sales training, or other events, Brightcove's clients can track engagement while fostering strong ties between people and teams, which will ultimately help them retain talented employees, attract more of them, and promote their business.


1. Easy to use

2. Good CMS

3. Branding

4. Audience analytics

5. Social sharing

6. Third-party integrations

7. Access control & permissions


1. Service outages

2. You have to search videos by the exact tag they have

3. A simple report can take several minutes to generate

4. Pricing is opaque


A screengrab of the Kaltura platform

Several brands and people use Kaltura's live and on-demand video SaaS solutions Its Kaltura Cloud TV Platform combines pay-TV's scalability and dependability with OTT's features, flexibility, transparency, business models, device reach, and personalization. It enables businesses to provide viewers with a fully personalized live and on-demand TV experience across all platforms.

Kaltura can assist with cloud transformation efforts whether you are a pay-TV service provider or a media organization launching a direct-to-consumer service.

Kaltura is the one video cloud to power all your video needs, whether for team collaboration and knowledge sharing, online training and self-paced learning, internal and executive communication, marketing, or sales enablement.


1. A host of specialized use cases including video messaging and meetings

2. Easy to use

3. Video embeddings

4. Branded microsite and landing page

5. Live reactions and group chat

6. Quizzes and polls

7. Detailed insights

8. Real-time notifications


1. Videos can be slow to load

2. Not-so-great customer support


A screengrab of the Muvi platform

Muvi is an all-inclusive OTT Platform that lets you launch multi-screen Video Streaming Services like Netflix and Prime instantly! The platform comes with a complete set of features (including CMS, CDN, DRM, etc.) necessary to run your own video on demand or live streaming service.

Muvi takes care of everything from infrastructure deployment & management at scale so there's no need for expensive hardware investments upfront, which means lower total cost ownership!


1. Fully-featured white-label app

2. Unlimited content

3. AI-based recommendation engine

4. Powerful CMS

5. Dedicated server with auto-scaling

6. No revenue share

7. Quick support


1. Pricing starts at $399 per month plus $299 per month per app (for standard tier; $499 per app per month for professional and enterprise); additional infrastructure fees applicable if you do not use Muvi One CDN

2. DRM charges are $0.01 per view. AI recommendation is also charged per API request on top of a monthly charge.

3. Although platform customization is good, it can be tricky (no drag and drop.) Also, limited ability to modify templates.


A screengrab of the Vimeo platform

Vimeo is a popular online video platform that allows users to upload, share, and view videos. It was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in New York City. As a SaaS OTT provider, Vimeo is focused on providing high-quality, professionally-made content.

It has become a popular destination for artists, filmmakers, and other creative professionals to showcase their work. Vimeo offers a range of tools and features for both users and creators, including the ability to upload and share videos in high definition, as well as tools for customizing and branding videos.

In addition to its main platform, Vimeo also offers Vimeo OTT, a service that allows creators to distribute their videos directly to viewers through subscription and rental options.


1. 4K & HDR Support & Dolby Vision

2. Branding in player & video

3. Q&A and instant polls

4. Great security with two-factor authentication

5. In-depth analytics

6. In-player calls to action

7. Video monetization


1. Customer support is not good

2. Technical issues related to video search, buffering, playback, and video CMS

Final words

Choosing the best solution provider to develop your streaming channel has become challenging as more and more companies enter the OTT sector. One of the right ways to do it is by using free trials provided by OTT platform providers to ensure the platform you use has all the features and tools you might need to build your OTT streaming.

If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us, book a demo, or give a shot at our 14-day free trial.

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