Customer success: How to Manage Customer Relationships with Videos?

86% marketers have videos in their marketing arsenal. Why? They get a great return on investment, claim 83%. Another 78% agree that videos directly increase sales. 86% saw it increase website traffic.
October 15, 2023
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Customer relationships are the lifeblood of any business. They define its success as well as its reputation. But managing customer relationships is far from easy.

In today's digital world, customers expect a lot more than just a product or service. They want an experience – one that is personalized, engaging, and satisfying! But how do you untie this Gordian Knot?

Perhaps, it’s always good to seek inspiration. 86% of marketing professionals, for instance, have videos in their marketing arsenal. Why? It gives them a great return on investment, claim 83%. Another 78% agree that videos directly increase their sales, while 86% said that videos were pivotal in increasing website traffic.

But, again, why are videos so engaging? What sets them apart?

Well, for starters, videos come as an effective tool for managing customer relationships. They can improve your brand experience by serving different use cases. Just think about it. Wouldn’t you be more likely to purchase a product if there’s a bite-sized sneak peek into the product right on the product page? Or, maybe, if you saw a video testimonial from a customer who faced the challenge that you’re facing right now, and the solution helped them solve it?

Obviously, videos can bring a world of difference to your customer success strategy. Some of the major benefits of videos include:

1. They bring your brand's message (and CTAs) to life!

Traditional communications are a passe. Videos are what move the world now! According to Statista, there were 3.37 billion people watching videos online in 2022. This year, this figure is expected to reach 3.5 billion.

Since people are already fond of videos, all you need is to identify your target audience, the style of presentation they like, and create relevant content while subtly plugging in your key messages.

Yes, everything can’t be (and shouldn’t be) videos. But, when placed strategically, they help you convey your brand’s message and call to action more effectively. Here’s a great example of it:

2. Videos establish a trustworthy relationship

96% of consumers use videos to make their purchase decisions. And, 73% of them feel inclined to purchase upon watching a branded product explainer. Why? Because it’s more trustworthy.

Videos are a testament to the fact that you’re more than just a name. You have your unique brand personality! Videos establish trust, strengthen your brand identity, and make you more approachable.

There are innumerable benefits of adding videos to customer relationship management strategy. A study revealed that In another study, 71% of people said that a corporate video improves their perception of the brand.

3. Videos offer convenience to your customers

Did you know that nearly 3 out of 5 consumers would rather watch a video than read about a product? And, if you’re wondering why, the answer is quite simple. Because they’re convenient! When you’re busy, want to relax, or even want to learn something, videos offer a quick and easy solution.

And science agrees on this as well. Visual images are processed 60,000 faster in the human brain than text. Not just that, almost 90% of information communicated to your brain is visual.

Simply put, your brand should be about excitement, problem-solving, and fun learning. It should not be a mental effort for your customers.

4. Videos are a great way to nurture your leads

When your content is engaging, good things are meant to happen. And so, they do!

A Wyzowl’s “State of the Video Marketing Survey 2022”, 86% of the marketers said that videos were effective in generating leads – up 5% from 2019. Like we mentioned before, there’s a positive correlation between sales and videos. In this report as well, 81% of the marketers agreed that videos helped them increase their sales, and 94% increased user understanding.

The takeaway here is simple: If you want to improve your customer relationships, videos are a great way to go.

5. Videos help communicate “feelings”

This doesn't make much sense, right? Well, that’s the amazing thing about videos. They can communicate experiences that are otherwise hard to put into words.

Let’s take an example.

You’re a fitness brand that wants to present your product as a premium one meant for a specific audience. How do you communicate this?

You can do it with a video. A 2-minute video that makes your prospects "feel" that your product is just for them. Your brand is just for them!

Take a look at this Nike video. It’s not just about shoes, clothes, or accessories. The video tells a story that its target audience can relate to.

6. Videos are shareable

The power of social media is unquestionable. And, as it happens, videos have a strong presence on social media.

This is a goldmine for brands.

You can use multiple platforms to share and create videos to get more eyeballs. And, since most of your potential customers are already on such platforms, it’s a no-brainer!

There are several other benefits of videos depending on what your use case is. For instance, they can help you with your media & entertainment business, improve employee engagement on the intranet, or even help you hold digital regligious congregations or other events online.

Now, let's get to the meat of this blog!

OTT Video Solutions: How to use videos in customer success?

We’ve mentioned it before and are going to say it again – videos are powerful! But, like any other marketing strategy, they aren’t “one size fits all”. Here’s a list of ways you can use videos to manage your customer relationships:

1. Create "Customer Experiences"

To begin with, videos are no longer just about advertising and marketing. They’re about creating an experience, creating a bond with your customers, and creating a feeling that they’re a part of your brand family.

You must integrate videos throughout your customer journey effectively. For instance, if your business requires your customers to fill out a detailed form, you can create an interesting in-video quiz to make it less tedious.

Or, if you’re an eCommerce business, you can create product videos that make it easy for your customers to visualize the product. You can even add details about the product through videos to make the experience more personal and engaging.

Make sure to create such video integrations for customers across every level of maturity in your customer lifecycle. Maybe, if your company provides a hosting service, you can create a video to explain the functioning of a DNS to a new customer and then another one to tell them how they can upgrade their bandwidth while they are in the growth stage. Another example could be an educational video to make the user aware of the use cases of your product.

You can also add videos to your knowledge base or your troubleshooting help section to make the learning process easier.

A video content management platform can help you manage all these videos easily.

2. Show, don't tell

Your FAQs need not always be in text form. In fact, a video-based FAQ can be much more effective in solving customer queries.

For instance, if you offer a SaaS-based solution, you can use a screen recording tool like Clip by Teyuto to demonstrate how to get something done. Or, maybe, you can explain the concept in a more comprehensive manner. This way, your user can not visualize the task at hand but also understand it better. Remember, you job is to make the lives of your customers easier. Just do that!

3. Showcase customer testimonial videos

When we think of testimonials, we usually think of a vanilla video with the customer ranting about how great your product is. There’s nothing wrong with it. Sometimes, such videos work magic. But, sometimes, they don’t!

Creating videos doesn't mean that you just have to get them out under the sun. Make sure that they also serve their purpose!

In all likelihood, your prospective customers will watch your testimonial videos and base their purchase decision on them. So, your testimonial videos don't have to be boring. Make it a point that they aren't!

Build a proper narrative and storyline. Make your customers feel they're watching a movie with its own plot, twists, and excitement - not run-of-the-mill “it’s a good product” talk. At the same time, make sure your message is absolutely clear.

4. Cloud videos and branding

Your business is as good as it appears to your clientele. So, make it a point to have your brand on point every time, everywhere.

Research reveals that “people make a subconscious judgment about your product within 90 seconds of initial viewing.” And, 62% to 90% of that assessment is exclusively based on your brand color. Your signature color also increases your brand recognition by up to 80%.

By having a consistent brand presentation, your revenue can increase by up to 23%.

You can ensure consistent branding across your customer touchpoints by ensuring that your videos are developed in your brand colors. Subtle displays can make your videos distinctive, whether the clothes that the subject of the video is wearing or the props that are being used.

Also, consider having your brand colors in your video players. Is your logo as the video player’s watermark also possible? It can’t get any better!

5. Live videos

It’s well known that live videos attract more attention than normal videos. So, why not use them for managing customer relationships?

You can use live videos for:

a. Product demos

b. Customer feedback sessions

c. Product launches/announcements

d. Q&A sessions

e. Customer testimonials

f. Competitions

Again, make sure that your live videos are not dull and monotonous, even when you're delving into a very technical topic.

You can take inspiration from this video by Sonny Sangha. See how, despite being a long and a fairly technical video, he doesn’t let the energy drop for a second!

6. "How-to" videos and live

“How-to” videos are immensely popular. And, with good reason. They work!

You can use them as a tool to educate your customers, offer product support, and even boost your sales. Yes, many businesses also create how-to videos of something indirectly related to them just to win over potential customers and leads. So, give it a shot!

After all, people are more likely to purchase your product if they already know you to be a source of valuable information.

These videos must be:

a. Focused on one topic

b. Easy to understand

c. Short (if possible)

7. Video personalization

If you have a big customer base, it’s not possible to cater to the needs of every customer individually. Here, we suggest video personalization!

AI is all the rage these days, more so after the launch of ChatGPT.

So, why not use AI in your customer journey as well? Using Teti AI, an AI recommendation as a service, you can personalize recommendations throughout your customer's end-to-end journey. This way, you can offer a unique experience to each and every customer depending on your customer's persona. 

The best part is that you can not only use Teti for videos but for eCommerce, news, search, music, and other types of recommendations.

How is that for integration?

8. Cloud Video Content Management System

By this time, it’s evident that videos are an integral part of your customer success strategy. But how do you manage all the videos?

You need a cloud video content management platform. The one that helps you with everything – from creating to distributing, from managing to analyzing. You need something like Teyuto.

Teyuto is an OTT solution provider that is dedicated to helping you bridge the gap between your online video content and the customer. It offers a plethora of features such as:

a. Video Creation

Create videos using Clip, a handy screen recording and collaboration solution.

b. Cloud Video Hosting

Host all your videos on Teyuto’s secure cloud storage and share them all across the globe.

c. Distribution

Using Teyuto's proprietary video streaming protocol, distribute your video to any device and platform. Since it's a proprietary protocol, it’s also a lot more cost-effective than other video solutions there in the market as they use third-party streaming engines.

d. Analytics

Get in-depth analytics of your video performance and know what works and what doesn't.

e. Branding

Teyuto helps you keep your branding spot on! Not only does it feature seamless delivery (so that none of your viewers drops off), it also empowers you with your brand colors and logo (as a watermark) on your video player.

f. Video Personalization

With Teti’s AI recommendation as a service, Teyuto helps you personalize your customer experiences.

g. Video Content Management

It’s always better if you can manage all your videos from a single place.

h. Integrations

Teyuto offers a host of integrations that can be used with your existing tech stack. It also has integration with Zapier, which can help you automate your workflow. All in all, you can enjoy 5000+ integrations to leading platforms and services such as Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp, Notion, Stripe, and a lot more!

i. Security

Teyuto is built keeping security in mind. All your videos are stored in a secure cloud storage.

j. And, a lot more!

To wrap it up…

Whether you’re a customer-facing organization or provide a SaaS-based solution, videos are a must in your customer success strategy. Make sure to integrate them throughout your customer journey. And, make sure to create them in an engaging manner that helps you convey your message efficiently to your target audience.

We hope this blog helps you manage your customer relationships.

See you next time!

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