Grow Audience for Cloud Video OTT Applications: Beginner’s Guide 2023

What is the best strategy to convert leads into sales for cloud video applications? Read some exciting tips to grow your OTT business with minimum investment.
October 15, 2023
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Cloud Video OTT

It’s not the Roman era where popular announcements were made in gigantic theaters and gathering an audience was immensely convenient. This is the age of the digital revolution, where we have many ways to promote our business, but selecting the optimum strategy can provide us with impeccable results with more significant ROI.

According to a survey conducted by Newswire, over 50% of U.S. broadband consumers now have access to an OTT platform. Furthermore, the average age of an OTT platform consumer is between 25-34, with a slight majority of users being men.

Similarly, over half of the OTT audience watches at least one hour of digital content per day, with nearly one-third watching two or more hours daily.

The rise of the OTT audience has revolutionized the concept of digital content consumption in the media industry. Ultimately, it allows viewers to access their favorite content with freedom. 

OTT audiences represent a new era of tech-savvy consumers who like highly engaging content and always seeking exciting and trending videos.

Right Audience Matters: Think Out of the box

Having the right audience plays a decisive role in a successful digital marketing campaign which returns better reach to the potential audiences without spending a massive amount on paid marketing techniques. An audience with a keen interest in your product will ensure that the message reaches the right customer.

By targeting potential consumers, OTT cloud video channels can expand the return on their marketing investment and ensure their message hits the targeted demographics.

Additionally, this strategy will assist you in building a robust marketing campaign because, without wasting time, you can access consumers with a higher potential to buy your services.

Here Are 6 Ways to Expand the Audience for OTT Platforms

Plan Your Goals:

Before starting an OTT cloud video channel, define the goals of your digital marketing campaign. A clear understanding of your priorities will help you target your audience better.

Identify Potential Market

Once you’ve outlined your goals, the next step is to write your target audience. For instance, you can consider the demographics of customers, such as age, gender, budget, location, interests, etc.

Analyze Your Competition

Research your competitors to analyze the targeted market in-depth. It will help you to understand the OTT platform's different packages and the types of content the audience is consuming largely.

Try Social Media Insights

Content creators can experience better insights from social media platforms to learn more about their target audience. These insights will help you further refine your campaigns.

Use Digital Advertising Platforms

Popular internet platforms, such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads, are excellent ways to reach your target. By implementing this strategy, you can reach potential customers and increase ROI.

Track Your Results

Tracking the results of your campaigns will help you immensely in understanding the behavior of consumers. You can add or remove content according to customers’ preferences in the OTT industry. According to a research paper on “Consumer preference towards OTT platform during a pandemic,” shows that 65% audience cut the cord and joined OTT cloud video streaming channels globally.

Major Industries to Find Potential Audience for OTT Platform

Major OTT Companies

Media and Broadcast

OTT cloud video technology enables media and broadcasting industries to deliver content directly over the internet to the audience. It simply shares a powerful platform where the customer can access content such as:

  • TV shows
  • Movies
  • Music

 OTT cloud video technology is beneficial in providing content on multiple devices, including computers, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. Furthermore, having an OTT platform, you can offer a range of services, including

  1. Video-on-demand
  2. Live-streaming
  3. Audio streaming
  4. Subscription services and more

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OTT cloud video solutions to allow media and broadcasting companies to reach a wider pool of audiences and build tailored content. Furthermore, they can monetize their content through subscription-based models and advertising.


Netflix Entertainment

The OTT platform for the entertainment industry is one of the most popular cloud video platforms where the audience is approaching in massive numbers. According to Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2022–2026, the OTT industry will reach US$2.9tn, and OTT advertising revenue will cross US$ 1tn by 2026.

  Popular cloud video services include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV+. Users can access various trending shows, movies, and web series here.

These platforms also provide additional features such as

  •  Live streaming
  • Social media integration
  • Content preferences, and more.

OTT cloud video platforms are the best ways for viewers to access and consume their favorite content, and they are becoming increasingly popular compared to regular content consumption mediums.


OTT platforms offer an exceptional opportunity for the sports industry to deliver their content to a broader audience and monetize it. Hence, they do not depend on particular TV channels to broadcast their events. In addition, now club-level events can be broadcast by using the OTT live-streaming platform.

According to a report published in Newswire, the global sports market size is expected to reach $599 Billion in 2025. This report delivers excellent insights into the potential growth of the sports industry via OTT platforms.

OTT Forecast

 OTT platforms come with diverse features which make them highly distinctive and appealing such as engaging and tailored content, multi-screen experiences, and the ability to access live events and on-demand content. 

This allows sports authorities to deliver mesmerizing content to fans, enabling them to provide more customized content and better customer service.

Subsequently, with OTT platforms, you can go for more targeted advertising and earn better revenue.

E-learning and Education

An OTT platform is an excellent medium for the education industry because it allows teachers to conveniently create, share, and distribute academic content with students. It also enables students to access resources from any device, anytime and anywhere.

Finally, cloud video platforms can help foster collaboration among students, teachers, and parents, helping for a more connected learning environment.

Live Events

OTT platforms are the best choice for streaming live events because they provide an effortless way for people to stream events in real time.

These platforms also provide additional helpful features, such as access to pause and rewind the event or watch it on demand. Similarly, we can target specific audiences with marketing, which can help to expand viewership and engagement.

Religious and Faith

With the right OTT cloud video platform, you can easily streamline live religious events as they allow people to access these events from anywhere in the world. It is beneficial for people who cannot attend these events personally.

Importance of a Powerful OTT Marketing Strategy

OTT Streaming Service Viwershp

The biggest fear in business is bankruptcy. Usually, an investor takes very precautionary measures before investing his money, but defining a clear marketing strategy will minimize the failure risks. Insider Intelligence mentioned some vibrant figures about the leading OTT platform with the highest viewership on March 18, 2022:

  • YouTube – 230.6 million viewers
  • Netflix – 177.7 million viewers
  • Amazon Video – 152.6 million viewers
  • Hulu – 125.8 million viewers
  • Disney+ – 109.8 million viewers
  • HBO Max – 87.6 million viewers

The same is the case with the OTT industry where we have excellent examples of successful OTT channels. Similarly, there are some instances where people do not focus on the mechanism of making OTT cloud video streaming apps successful.

The fundamental part of an OTT marketing strategy is tracking and measuring your results. You should use video insights to know:

  • How many people watch your videos?
  • How many people are clicking on your ads and other important metrics?

This will help you make wise decisions about what tailored content to create.

Three Core Factors To Expand Audience Base for OTT Platforms

1.   Media preference

Checking what kind of digital content the audience like will play a decisive factor in making your OTT app successful. It means there are higher chances of getting more customers. This strategy will assist you in understanding audience interests.

Knowing what resonates with the target audience allows marketers to create content that is more likely to be successful.

Social Media Average Content Consumption Time

Another Insider Intelligence report shared data about the most popular social media apps where consumers spent the highest average time.

  • Tiktok 45.8 Minutes
  • YouTube 45.6
  • Twitter 38.4
  • Snapchat 30.4
  • Facebook 30.1

It will help you create more effective campaigns and increase the chances of your content being shared, liked, and engaged with.

2.  Behavior

Monitoring the behavior of an audience in digital media plays a key role in reaching the potential audience swiftly. By observing the behavior of an audience, OTT platforms can identify what content resonates best with their target audiences and what type of digital content should be avoided.

For instance, displaying recommendations of favorite movies will give you an excellent analysis of the clicks and impressions of user watch behavior.

3.  Audience Locations

Checking audience location in cloud video streaming is crucial to check the reach of your content delivery. In addition, it will give deep insights into the potential buying capacity of the particular area so that you can tailor packages according to their demand and budget expectation.  

Additionally, you can use demographics to share content on their local culture and language. This can help you increase engagement and boost your chances of success.

Offer Different Packages to Audiences for Experiment

Offering a variety of packages in content and price to OTT audiences increases a higher level of personalization and customization. First, you will have to figure out the requirement by following above mentioned strategies. Later, you can prepare standard, economy, and premium OTT plans.  

Subsequently, there are higher chances of getting more revenue because consumers can buy packages they are willing to pay for.

Higher ROIs With Valuable Monetization Models

 Try Multiple Monetization Models

Trying different monetization models will maximize your return on investment (ROI). Some popular monetization models include

  1. Subscription models
  2. Advertisements
  3. Premium services.

Offer Incentives

Offering multiple incentives to customers for purchasing your service can be a great way to increase your ROI. This can include discounts and special offers to access premium content. For instance, if you are running a new OTT cloud video channel, you can provide a free monthly trial to every new user.

This way, you can easily generate a lead, and by providing excellent service, there are higher chances of building long-term relationships with such customers.

Optimize Price Packages

You should periodically review the pricing structure of every plan to ensure it is optimized for maximum ROI. Consider offering different tiers of pricing to maximize your profits.

Focus on Customer Retention

Customer retention maximizes your ROI. Focusing on customer retention will not only help you retain your existing audience but will also help you attract potential consumers. Implement loyalty programs, customer service, and other methods to captivate customers to stay.

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