How to run an OTT platform for quick monetization with Teyuto?

OTT platforms like Teyuto provide an equal opportunity to take a vibrant start in the live-streaming monetization business. Learn best practices to create dynamic content for your cloud video channel.
October 15, 2023
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OTT benefits content creators, corporate class, and religious entities equally. Now you can manage video content, monetize it, set up your online player, distribute content worldwide, and record live streaming in one place. Since the OTT industry has grown exceptionally after covid, starting an OTT platform is not an overwhelming risk. 

At Teyuto, we believe there is plenty of space available for content creators to make money by monetizing their videos.

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How to start with Teyuto OTT?

Step 1: Visit our website:

Step 2: To create your video on-demand channel, click Start Now/ Get Started, and you will be directed to a new page: 

Step 3: Fill out the sign-up form and press continue.

Step 4: As soon as you press continue, you will get a confirmation email on your given Email address

Step 5: After confirmation, you can log in to your Teyuto Dashboard Interface given below.

Teyuto Interface

Teyuto lets you create a bespoke video hosting platform to suit your needs. For instance, you can add a personalized logo and favicon to your site if you'd like.

Upload and sell Content

Tenuto provides a vibrant video player, which means you can customize everything with your brand in mind. The Content can be tagged, and we will provide all the technology and tools to showcase your Content.

Uploading your video content to Teyuto is easy. The OTT platform offers several options for publishing your Content. You can upload a single video or in bulk using drag and drop. 

Once uploaded, you can edit video details like titles, descriptions, thumbnails, layout, and discovery settings. You can also move it to the collection it belongs to, like movies, series, playlists, etc.

OTT Monetization

Selling your content is as easy as uploading it. Teyuto OTT supports three monetization models: subscription video on demand, transactional video on demand, and ad-supported video on demand.

In-Depth Analysis

Analytics and reporting are some of Teyuto's most essential features. Teyuto provides access to in-depth analytics to help you determine viewer behavior, subscriber growth, customer churn, and more.

OTT Monetization

OTT video monetization is a way to generate profit from owned content. It has numerous practical options to generate revenue; broadcasters around the globe are switching to this business model as it is becoming extremely popular among viewers.  

There are various OTT monetization models which can help you in making money online in 2023. Therefore, selecting the right strategy to succeed in the OTT video monetization business is important.

OTT monetization models refer to how content providers can make money from their streaming services. These include:

  • SVOD
  • AVOD
  • Transaction-based video on demand (TVOD)

Each model has unique advantages and disadvantages, depending on the type of content offered and the audience it is targeting.

Using an OTT platform is a great way to advertise your business. These platforms can offer various services such as video monetization, live streaming, hosting capabilities and white labeling of streams. So, depending on the nature of your business, you might want to try a platform that offers these specific features.

For example, if you want to host live streaming, you must choose an OTT platform that allows live video hosting. Here are a few features you can look out for when choosing these platforms:

  • Easily launch streaming apps
  • Marketing and Analytics Functions
  • Possibility of live streaming
  • Video monetization

What is SVOD? 

With SVOD cloud video monetization, viewers pay a subscription fee to access plenty of video content, including trending movies, top shows, and web series. Popular SVOD platforms are:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime Video

 With the SVOD business model, users can watch as much content as they want without ads.

SVOD's business model for streaming videos has become immensely popular in recent years as people look for more cost-effective and convenient ways to access their favorite content.

Benefits of SVOD Services:

1. Cost Effective: SVOD platforms are typically much more affordable than most common cable packages, making them a great option for low-income viewers.

2. Convenience: With an SVOD subscription, the audience can access trending content anywhere on their smart devices, as this feature frees them from place and time restrictions.

3. Variety in Content: SVOD provides users with interruptible access to various content, including movies, TV shows, web series, and documentaries.

4. Personalization of Profiles: Users can create individual profiles using SVOD services as they can set their watch lists, making it easy to find and watch the content they want.

5. Ad-Free Viewership: Consumers can easily watch their favorite content using SVOD services without watching any ads.  Hence, they can enjoy an uninterrupted viewing experience.

What is AVOD?

Avod is a perfect service model for OTT video monetization as it allows viewers to watch a massive collection of audio and video content, such as trending movies, daily TV shows, and music videos, for a fee or subscription-based model. Generally, this model is based on video-on-demand services, such as Netflix and Hulu.

Why AVOD OTT Monetization?

1. Avod model offers swift customization and content filter features that assist users in watching their favorite content swiftly.

2. AVOD allows its consumers to watch and stream content from multiple sources without switching cloud video apps.

3. This ott video monetization model has great potential for content curation and categorization to help users discover new content.

4. By owning an AVOD OTT cloud video monetization platform, you can have accurate and in-depth analytics to understand audience viewing habits and content preferences.

What is TVOD?

TVOD is an OTT video monetization model allowing users to buy or rent online content on a per-view. Some of the most popular platform running on the TVOD model is Amazon Video store, iTunes, and Sky Box office.

This OTT video monetization model comes with three subcategories:

1. Download to Rent

2. Electronic Sell Through

3. Pay-Per-View

With TVOD, consumers can stream their preferred content anywhere on smart devices. Hence, they don’t have to wait for a subscription to expire or be renewed.

Advantages of TVOD OTT Video Monetization

Advantages of TVOD OTT Monetization

 1. Low Cost: TVOD is an affordable way to stream content to viewers. Furthermore, it doesn’t require long-term commitment or subscription, allowing the audience to set the budget for the content without any restrictions of place and time.

2. Content Control: TVOD platforms offer better customization, giving users more control over their choice and viewing experience.

3. Flexibility in Watching Content: TVOD is best for users with a busy schedule because, in this model, the audience can set their schedule to watch missing episodes.

4. Variety in Content Selection: TVOD cloud video is a hub of multiple genres of movies and video content; even the audience can experience the latest released movies. Ultimately, users can easily find trending and recently released classic movies without browsing through several channels and online movie streaming websites.

5. Less- Advertising: TVOD OTT cloud video monetization services have fewer ads than traditional television. Ultimately, this model is perfect for users who don’t want to watch the flood of ads during video streaming.

Pricing Plan of Teyuto (Yearly)

Teyuto offers three different pricing plans, each with annual and monthly support options to choose from.

1: Free

Teyuto Pricing Plan

2: Premium

Teyuto Pricing Plan Premium

3: Essentials

Teyuto Pricing Plan Essentials

Other Popular OTT Platforms Pros & Cons



  • Ad free flow
  • Real-time analytics
  • Multiple plans depending on need


  • High Pricing Plans

IBM Cloud Video


  • Good for companies
  • First-line customer support


  • For higher resolutions, you will need to charge extra fees.



  • White label custom video player
  • CRM integration 


  • Expensive Pricing Plans

How to stand out in the crowd in OTT business in 2023?

Thinking wisely and out of the box are two crucial factors to becoming successful in the OTT cloud video monetization business.  It will help you to stand distinctive from the competition. There are several ways to get fast-track OTT video monetization that starts from:

  • Creating unique content
  • Attractive features
  • Compelling pricing models
  • Distinctive advertising strategies
  • Flawless customer experiences.

You can invite more audiences, build loyalty, and increase revenue by offering something other OTT cloud video businesses don't.

We will write the 4 Most Practical Ways to run OTT Video Monetization business in 2023.

1. Generate Unique and Compelling Content: The best practice to attract a potential long-term audience is to create fresh content tailored to your target audience. Never forget to check your competitors’ content strategies, as they will assist you in refining your video content.

2. Be Productive in Using Social Media Channels: Remain constant and never forget to post fresh offers, features, and upcoming events on social media platforms. Not only will it help you to reach your target audience, but it also will expand the viewer’s pool.

3. Study Advertising Models on Social Media: Try paid social media campaigns for a quick turnaround, as they can quickly deliver your message to a wider audience. Interestingly, you can choose your viewers based on demographics. Hence, it will ultimately increase brand awareness.

4. Regularly Optimize OTT Cloud Video Platform: Friendly and convenient user interface is extremely important in making the OTT video monetization business successful. Therefore, it is crucial to regularly get feedback from the audience to make app navigation seamless. 

The Audience is King in OTT Video Monetization Business

Audience in OTT

Always remember that audience is king in any industry. The customer sets the trends for upcoming technologies, as is obvious in the OTT industry, which has shackled the old models of video streaming.

Audience-focused content can expand revenue indicators because the public drives demand for content. The more you focus on the consumers, the more successful the OTT business will be. Ultimately, you will observe visible numbers in viewership and subscriptions.

As an OTT cloud video platform owner, regularly communicating with your viewers is highly recommended, as it will help refine your content strategies and preference.

Checklist for Practical OTT Cloud Video Monetization Business in 2023

  1. Contact a Professional Video Monetization Company
  2. Build a Monetization Strategy.
  3. Integrate a Monetization Platform
  4. Upload/ Streamline Your Video Content
  5. Manage Ads
  6. Analyze Results
  7. Optimize Video Content for Monetization
  8. Try Cross-Promotion Opportunities.

Best Platform for Cloud Video Monetization in 2023

While one might think that creating and launching such a platform could take months, with the right creation tools, you can speed it up to two months.


If you are looking for the most reliable and professional Ott video monetization service, try Teyuto video management software, which helps businesses like content creators and corporate industries monetize their videos to get well-defined analytics.

Its key features include:

  • Payment processing
  • Metadata management
  • Live streaming
  • Auto-play the next video
  • Malicious bot detection
  • Content scheduling.

Finding the right platform depends on what you're looking for. Overall, Teyuto offers a very comprehensive package that can help both small and large video content creators.

Note: Teyuto offers a free trial for OTT Video Monetization

Try Teyuto OTT Solutions For Video Monetization

Teyuto OTT Solutions are designed to help businesses create an over-the-top streaming platform. It can be risky if you don’t have a professional platform to showcase your videos. This tool will help you in creating branded video platform to host and share your striking content.

Not only it provides in-depth analytics for every video, but it also leverages your content strategy tailored to your audience's needs.  

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