The Best Alternative to Uscreen, Brightcove, Dacast, and others in 2023 

With so many options available, do your research and choose the OTT streaming company that's right for you. Read our recommendation of the top 7 video streaming alternatives with free trials.
October 15, 2023
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Video delivery is important!

It’s important because a 100ms delay can dip your sales by 1%. It’s important because a single video buffer can slash your average session time by 39% (up to 49% even). And it’s important because you can’t leave your business on the roll of a dice.

Picture this. 96% of people watch an explainer video to learn about a product or a service. 79% of people say that video has convinced them to buy a software or an app. 51% of people are more likely to share a video with their friends than any other type of content.

Not enough can be said about how video delivery impacts various aspects of your business. Whether you are a content creator, an enterprise, or a marketer, you need your video delivery to be top-notch. But is it the case, really? The fact that you’re here – reading this blog – says a lot about it!

At Teyuto, we understand your passion for your business. It’s because we carry the same level of passion and enthusiasm for what we do, i.e. video delivery. But don’t take us for our word. Test us before you trust us. You can start free of cost with Teyuto without any revenue sharing or need for an IT team.

To get a deeper glimpse into Teyuto and how it fares against other service providers such as Uscreen, Brightcove, Dacast, and more, keep reading!

Teyuto: Is It Better Than Brightcove, Uscreen, and Dacast?

We are nobody to share opinions. Whether “this platform” is better than “that one”, it’s for you to decide. Any platform that meets your unique requirements and your desired service-level agreement is good enough. All we can do is present a comparison in front of you so that you make an informed decision.

Let’s begin by sharing some of the major Teyuto features. Then, we’ll see how the other platforms fare against it.

Teyuto Features

Teyuto is a power-packed solution that equips you with a range of capabilities. Overall, its features are so comprehensive that it replaces 16 apps with a single platform. So, it’s not possible to delve into all of these features in a single post.

However, we have curated its major features for you. To learn more, visit our plan comparison page.

To begin with, using Teyuto, you can create and monetize your streaming video service. It offers a powerful video hosting platform, secure streaming across multiple devices, no-code DIY channel customizations, end-user packages and subscriptions, pay-per-view monetization, analytics and reporting, and integrated payment gateways. The best bit? You can enjoy all of it for free!

Video CMS

Teyuto CMS

Specifically designed for video-based websites, Teyuto CMS is a powerful cloud-based content management system that offers tools like video monetization, on-demand playback, and a user-management system. Since it provides an excellent scalable interface, users can conveniently upload and share videos globally. Subsequently, if you want to restrict a particular country's audience, its geo-blocking features are specifically made for you. It is simply a perfect choice for businesses and individual persons who are looking for custom solutions to monetize their video content.


Teyuto customization feature allows you to grow your community globally by rebranding your company logo, font, and background. Subsequently, you can easily build your custom channel by drag and drop features that don't require any particular development skill. Some of the dominant Teyuto video customization features include custom URL, SSL protection, video customization, and ad search engine optimization features. 

Community & Marketing

To help users grow and engage their audiences, Teyuto offers a range of community and marketing features. These features can increase engagement and drive traffic to their website or other channels by adding social sharing buttons and call-to-action overlays. With Teyuto, users can also create and send personalized emails to subscribers and track their activity and engagement using advanced analytics tools, which helps them build and manage a loyal subscriber base.


Monetization is one of the strongest areas of Teyuto. Here, you can monetize videos not only via subscriptions and transactional videos but also leverage advanced ad monetization technology called VAST. So, you can provide relevant and engaging ad content while maximizing your advertising revenue with Teyuto’s monetization tools.

Simply put, Teyuto users have superior flexibility when it comes to monetization. With Teyuto, you can drive a hybrid monetization strategy that suits your audience better. Want to offer a freemium model? Go ahead and do it. Think an ads-only model would work better for your audience? Teyuto has your back!


Teyuto video analytics lets users track video content metrics such as views, engagement, and audience demographics. Marketing campaigns and other initiatives can be measured using this information to optimize video content. Users can use this tool to get a detailed engagement metric that shows how long viewers watch each video, what videos/categories/formats were watched the most, and what videos people purchased or abandoned. Subsequently, users can customize dashboards and reports to track metrics that matter most to them. 


Teyuto implements advanced privacy and security measures to protect consumer content. Be it SSL encryption, or geo-blocking features, it doesn’t compromise on offering contemporary security solutions to provide an impeccable streaming experience. Along with the secure payment methods, a signed URL protects your video content from unauthorized access. With Teyuto, you can generate a code that can be shared with selective users. Interestingly, you can also restrict sharing options. 

In a nutshell, Teyuto helps you optimize your video strategy with data-driven decisions, track engagement, and analyze trends. It also provides advanced content protection by combining signed URLs, digital rights management (DRM), password protection, and IP restriction features. You can further enhance your brand's visibility with Teyuto's white-label solution, thereby reinforcing your brand identity and creating a seamless experience that strengthens your customers' loyalty.

Teyuto Price Plans

  1. Free
Teyuto free plan
  1. Essentials
Teyuto Essentials
  1. Premium
Teyuto premium

Now, let’s bring other solutions into perspective.

While Uscreen offers customization, it does not provide the same level of flexibility and branding options as Teyuto. Small businesses or startups with limited financial resources may not be able to afford Uscreen's pricing structure.

Subsequently, the advanced features of Brightcove come at the cost of a steeper learning curve and a more complicated setup process. The platform optimization requires technical expertise or dedicated personnel.

Similarly, compared to other platforms, Dacast comes with latency issues. Although it offers monetization options, pricing models, and customization options are somewhat limited. It restricts you from implementing specific revenue strategies or experimenting with different monetization methods.

You should thoroughly assess your business objectives, budget, and requirements before choosing a video streaming platform. To determine the best fit for your unique needs, you must weigh these disadvantages against the strengths and advantages of each platform.

Therefore, among the cost-effective and comprehensive alternatives, Teyuto is one of the best OTT platforms for monetization. Now creators can host videos, offer eLearning, and provide membership platforms all under one roof. Using Teyuto, you can easily create best-selling videos, share your content seamlessly, and nurture an online community. 

For creators seeking to maximize their resources without compromising quality, Teyuto stands out as a game-changer.

Teyuto empowers you to monetize your content effectively and maximize your earnings with pay-per-view, subscription, and in-video advertising models.

7 Popular OTT Platforms in Comparison: Features & Price 

best ott platforms 2023


Dacast is one of the reliable cloud OTT video streaming platforms that offer free and paid packages to stream live videos. Since it provides a fully functional content management system, a user can conveniently rebrand their company logos and add watermark features. Like other popular VOD platforms, Dacast also offers several payment methods and an easy integration module. 

A few of its main features include:

  • Top-tier CDN for  live streaming
  •  HTML 5 Video Player
  • Monetization options
  • White-label streaming,

Price Plans

  1. Starter plan:$39/month 
  2. Event Plan: $63/month 
  3. Scaling plan: $165/month 


Doesn’t matter if you are running a small company or seeking customized live streaming solutions, Brightcove provides impeccable services to showcase your content to a wider audience. It comes with a user-friendly interface and powerful tools like audience analytics to expand your reach to the audience which really matters. 

Main features:

  • Over-the-top (OTT) cloud video streaming
  • A Powerful Content Management System for rebranding
  • User-behavior analytics to track your performance 

Price Plans

  • Not available


No matter from which industry you belong, Uscreen is the perfect solution to cater to your live streaming requirement. Along with analytics, Uscreen users also enjoy marketing features that assist in making the right strategy to cater to the potential subscriber. Subsequently, if you are interested in building a website like Netflix, it provides flexible and drag-and-drop custom tools to build your own website with an attractive catalog. 

Uscreen features include:

  • Customizable website and app builder
  • Content protection and DRM
  • Marketing and analytics

Price Plans

  • Basic: $79/month
  • Growth: $159/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing


Like Brightcove, and Dacast, Muvi One also allows the building of a stunning website/application for content consumption. Simultaneously, with Muvi you will get a hassle-free streaming solution without investing in hidden features, For instance, there is no need to hire an IT team or possess coding skills. Since it offers a 14-day free trial, you can apply for a demo without sharing your credit card details. 

Among Muvi's key features are the following:

  • Multi-device streaming
  • Cloud Playout
  • Video Ad Monetization

Price Plans

  • Starter: $399 per month
  • Professional: at $1,499 per month
  • Enterprise: $3900/month


Kaltura provides an excellent cloud video platform for virtual events that helps to build an online community. Besides video hosting and streaming, Kaltura OTT offers content management, monetization options, analytics, and personalization options. Subsequently, you can use developer tools and APIs such as real-time conferencing, live webcasting, and media management & streaming for a better video experience. 

Main features:

  • Customized Video Content Management System
  • Cloud TV services
  • SDk & Experience Components

Price Plans

Pricing is based on bandwidth and resource usage

IBM Video Streaming

IBM cloud streaming provides AI-powered video streaming and hosting services. Users not only can stream online video but also provide video-on-demand services to subscribers. Simultaneously, its speech-to-text analytics enables users to evaluate content strategies with maximum automation. In short, you can enjoy a seamless streaming experience through IBM’s advanced technology stack and cloud-based infrastructure.

Main features:

  • Cloud-based live streaming and VOD
  • Secure storage and sharing of video content
  • AI-Powered Captions

Pricing Plans

  1. Silver: $129/month
  2. Gold: $649/month
  3. Platinum: $1299/month

Vimeo OTT

With 8 million end users, Vimeo takes the lead in providing a user-friendly platform for streaming video. Not only can you develop branded OTT apps with thriving prices but you also get in-depth real-time analytics. As everything is available in your dashboard, there is no need for third-party distribution and monetization tools.

Main features:

  • Cloud video management
  • Full access to customization and overlay branding
  • Advanced marketing tools

Price Plans

  1. Enterprise pricing: Customized Pricing
  2. Starter Price: $1/subscriber per month


Despite Teyuto's excellent features, comparing it with other OTT platforms is essential. Identifying Teyuto's strengths and weaknesses and determining if it is the right choice for your business can be achieved by comparing it to other platforms. Teyuto’s user experience is one of its most significant advantages.

Besides the quality of an OTT VOD platform, the price is also a decisive factor to consider. With Teyuto, you are able to choose the pricing plan that is most appropriate for your business.

“Get a demo now to build an OTT streaming platform and claim your free training now”

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