From Boring To Brilliant: 16 Ways To Increase Engagement On Intranet with Video

Video has completely transformed the corporate intranet from being an afterthought to becoming the centerpiece of employee communication strategy. If you are looking for ways to turn your corporate intranet from boring to brilliant, here are 16 ideas to get the ball rolling with videos.
October 15, 2023
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The corporate intranet was born out of a need. Employees wanted a place where they could find internal company information and collaborate. But, back in the day, the corporate intranet was nothing more than a digital filing cabinet full of static documents.

It would take days, if not weeks, for information to be updated, and it would barely have any relevance to the majority of employees. It's not a surprise then that only 13% of employees used their intranet daily back in 2012. 31% of them didn't use it at all!

The only difference is that this isn't 2012. We are 10 years past that, and a lot has changed!

The corporate intranet of today is a far cry from its boring and neglected predecessor. It's now a hub for employee engagement, where employees can find the latest company news, collaborate on projects, access information quickly and easily, and even share the titbits they've been hoarding for months. All thanks to videos!

Employees having fun while watching a video on corporate intranet

Yes, you read that right. Video has completely transformed the corporate intranet from being an afterthought to becoming the centerpiece of employee communication strategy. If you are looking for ways to turn your corporate intranet from boring to brilliant, here are 16 ideas to get the ball rolling with videos:

1. Video as an information source

Your employees crave company information. It's just that they don't want to mine it from a pile of text documents or limitless scrolls. So, why not give them what they want in a format that they love?

Videos are the perfect way to communicate corporate announcements, product updates, and other important information you want to get across effectively. You can also notify your employees with superior personalization with innovative service providers like Teyuto.

A dialogue box for direct message to employees about a video update on corporate intranet

2. Employee introduction videos

New employees often feel like outsiders in their first few weeks on the job. Make new hires feel welcome with short introductory videos of your employees that new hires can watch before (or on) their first day. This will help break the ice and make it easier to know their colleagues right away!

It will also smoothen the path for existing employees during cross-department collaborations. So, it’s a win-win overall!

3. "Day in the life" series

Help your employees understand what others do at work with a fun “day in the life” video series. People love making videos. Don’t they? Then, why limit their creative spark to Instagram and TikTok?

Give them free rein on your corporate intranet and see what interesting videos they come up with! A great idea here is to get team members to share a typical day at work with vlogs and mini-documentaries.

You can even turn it into a monthly, quarterly, or annual contest with gifts and goodies. Gifting also boosts employee motivation, productivity, engagement, and morale on top of other benefits.

A cisco employee's "Day in the life" video in a warehouse

4. Expert interviews

Your employees are always looking to learn and grow. And who better to learn from than the experts in your company?

On your corporate intranet, create a series of interview videos with industry leaders, department heads, or anyone else who can offer valuable insights into various topics.

The formats and topics ultimately depend on what you’re looking for. Also, these videos don't have to be long-form content or a video series. Even 2-minute rapid questions work wonders.

A casual video of a CEO explaining work-related nitty-gritty

5. How-to guides

If your intranet is full of long and complicated how-to guides, chances are that no one's going to read them. But if you replace them with short and sweet video tutorials, you'll be surprised at how quickly employees turn up on your intranet!

How-to videos can be used for everything from explaining a new company policy to demonstrating how to use a particular software application.

Here, the key is to keep everything sorted. Remember, a how-to video on back-end development will barely be of any use to your marketing team and vice versa. So, make sure you have categories set up properly.

6. Personalization

Speaking of keeping things sorted, one of the best ways to increase engagement is by personalizing the intranet experience for each employee.

Let this thought sink in for a moment. How much more engaged would you feel if the intranet you’re using is designed just for you? Not a single piece of information is what you don’t need.

Doing this is now possible with innovative video solutions like Teyuto. You can first use employee data to segment workers into different categories. Then, share targeted content based on people’s interests, needs, or even location! This will not only make it easier for your employees to find relevant information but also encourage them to keep coming back for more.

7. Live streaming

Live streaming is one of the most powerful tools for employee engagement. It allows you to connect with your workforce in real time, no matter where they are. You can use it for everything from company-wide town halls to training sessions and product demos.

The best part is that it's not just restricted to big events – even informal “watercooler” moments like happy hours or birthday celebrations can be live streamed on your intranet!

A fun live stream on intranet with countdown timer of 16 hours

8. Interactive videos and video CMS

Interactive videos are a great way to make the intranet experience more engaging and fun. These videos allow viewers to participate in quizzes while (or after) watching a video. You can also use them to create branching scenarios where employees have to choose what happens next. In this way, you can spark design thinking in your employees effectively.

Interactive videos can also serve well as your Learning Management System. For instance, Video Content Management System (CMS) providers like Teyuto equip you with conditional videos, wherein the next video (or a section) is only accessible to employees if they meet a certain threshold (score or watch time).

In-video attachment of files and documents on intranet

Want to attach supporting documents? Go ahead. Do it in the video player itself with such video CMS solutions. Does it get any better? If you’re speaking with someone at Teyuto, you just have to ask!

9. Branding

You speak of branding all the time! But have you ever thought how your brand looks to your employees if your intranet video player has someone else's logo on it? That's not what you want.

With advanced video intranet solutions providers, you can insert your own logo, color scheme, and branding into the video player and landing page. This will make sure the video experience is truly yours!

A branded landing page with drag-and-drop channel creator for intranet

10. Employee-generated content

Employees are the heart and soul of your company. This should also show on your intranet. Encourage your employees to create and share their videos.

This could be anything from a tour of their workstation to a quick tip on how they stay productive at work. Not only will this help increase engagement, but it will also give you some amazing ideas for future video content!

Video of a smiling employee on his workstation

11. Video walls

A video wall is basically a giant screen that displays a continuous stream of videos. It's the perfect way to showcase employee-generated content, product demos, customer testimonials, or even live streaming events.

The best part is that it's not restricted to office spaces – you can also set up video walls at trade shows or company events. So, take the stage and put on a show by connecting it to your video CMS!

An impressive video wall in a trade fair

12. Screencasts

Quick and informative videos can be created by screencasting. But did you know that screencasts can also be used on a corporate intranet? You can use them to create how-to guides, product demos, or even short presentations. All you need is a screen capture solution like Teyuto Clip and a microphone. It is a lot easier to explain, especially how to do something, when you’re actually doing it.

13. Q&A sessions

Don't just broadcast information outwards. Make sure there's two-way communication between senior leaders and employees across different levels within your organization. This can be done through regular Q&As where employees can submit their questions in advance or even participate live. These videos not only build transparency but also give employees a platform to share their thoughts and recommendations. It will make them feel more valued and hence, engaged.

A CEO answering employee Q&As as people stream the video

14. Collaboration forums

Set up collaboration forums where employees can post ideas, share resources, and discuss topics related to work (or even life in general!). These forums are a great place for employee-generated content like tips, tricks, or productivity hacks. And since they're organized around specific topics, it'll be easier for others to find relevant information. Plus, you never know – some of these discussions might just lead to an amazing new product or a process innovation!

15. Employee testimonials

Nothing builds trust better than hearing first-hand accounts straight from the horse’s mouth. That's why employee testimonial videos are so powerful when engaging employees. In these videos, current employees may talk about what they love about working for your organization and what they’re excited about.

These videos can help create a strong emotional connection between employees (and the organization), especially if your employees trust their content. Our two cents would be to let employees share what can get better at the workplace as well. But it’s your call to make at the end of the day.

16. Employee recognition

Last but not least, don't forget to love your staff! Recognizing their hard work and accomplishments is a great way to keep them engaged with the company. You can do this through regular “employee of the month” programs or even impromptu shout-outs in company-wide videos. Whatever you do, your employees must know that they are appreciated!

A lady stacking gifts on top of each other during a live event

These were some of the ways you can use video to increase engagement on your corporate intranet.

So, what are you waiting for? It's time for a glorious future. It’s time to get creative!

If you need help with setting up your corporate intranet video, get in touch with a Teyuto expert today!

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