Which is the best OTT model for better customer retention?

A study by Accenture found that OTT services are driving customer loyalty by providing audience with access to content on their own terms.
October 15, 2023
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To grow and stand out in the market, a company must develop customer retention strategies with a reliable OTT cloud video model. Over The Top is bringing the opportunity for broadcasters to reinvent themselves – and that is already happening. Several open and closed broadcasters are creating their own OTT platforms, making their programming available online.

Developing Customer Retention with VOD Model

What is customer retention?

Many entrepreneurs and professionals confuse "customer retention" with "customer loyalty." These are concepts that, although similar, have different meanings.

Customer Retention

Customer loyalty makes them return to doing business with the company. Imagine, for example, an OTT platform that offered action movie genres. After a few days, the company can include the consumer in an e-mail marketing campaign focused on popular web series and thriller movies, among other related elements.

Important point! The role is played not by the total duration but by the ratio of the average viewing duration to the video's total time.

5 OTT Platform Features Ideal for Customer Retention

CDN: Optimizing content delivery

A content delivery network is a distributed server that delivers content to users much faster, depending on their geographic location, the origin of the content, and the content delivery server.

 Having a CDN is an essential requirement for an OTT video transmission platform since being able to view the content continuously, with cuts or high loading times, is a very negative point at the user experience level.

Before choosing one, make sure that the CDN meets all the requirements of your business case needs.


When you have a large volume of your video content to stream, you don't want your content to be readily available to hackers.

The platform must have security measures to protect your videos from hacking or misuse. DRM is a technology that protects video streaming and restricts copyright violations.

Analytics and information in real-time

Having an OTT platform can assist you in obtaining in-depth results of customer behavior and tracking your performance. For instance, Teyuto OTT analytics provides every-minute analytics and provides detailed revenue reports no matter which model you own

Simultaneously, a user can easily monitor the results of different videos and playlists that will assist her in focusing on a particular video niche.

Video Player

Another essential element of an OTT is a solid video player with features and customization options to reflect each platform's brand identity. An ideal video player integrates seamlessly with your brand design and logo, allowing subtitles, dual audio, annotations, and many other customization options to work well with your brand. 

Today's default video player technology is HTML5, compatible with all browsers and devices. The player must also offer integration with video ads. Security is another vital aspect of a video player.

Supported Devices

When you start your OTT, the ideal is to transmit your content to the maximum number of devices possible. Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast are standard devices your OTT must support. Users are distributed across the web, mobile, and television; the idea is to reach them on all these platforms.

Recommendation System like Teti.ai

Teti.ai allows end users to spend less time searching for content and using ai and suggestions. It allows businesses to leverage AI technology to identify, recommend, and personalize content for their customers. This service can increase sales, boost user engagement, and improve customer satisfaction.

What parameters are essential to measuring the performance of my content?

Numbers, numbers, and more are the answer, but you must know what these numbers mean. 

When we talk about content such as video and audio, a necessary data is the 'Playback Start,' which is the number of reproductions that the content had and allows you to know the total universe of executions performed during the entire event.

Retention Strategies for Companies

 With this number, you can decompose the following data, such as 'Stream,' which lets you know the users who have consumed at least 5 seconds of the content. You may have a lot of visitors, but with this parameter, you can know those interested in playing with your content and not just browsing the site.

Then we come to "Engagement & Retention, "which is extremely important for on-demand content. It is necessary to know the engagement and retention of users across the continent, which sections of the content are most interesting to them, and in which sections users withdraw or even detect problems with the material. 

Try Teyuto Analytics Module for Better Customer Retention

All these standards are combined in different ways, depending on the content in question and the needs of each client. Teyuto embeds an analytics module so customers can see how their content is performing, with parameters uniquely designed for streaming audio and video.

In addition, our analytics module is constantly evolving, periodically providing updates specifically focused on the needs of the biggest content generators. This is how we can provide the following:

  • More and more information about consumption.
  • The demographic segmentation of users.
  • Their preferences in each content they consume.

How to have an OTT platform?

As mentioned earlier, the Over the Top concept democratized content production. Thus, any digital entrepreneur can sell your digital content adapted to your company's identity.

This type of platform requires less investment and can be used to monetize content in a scalable way.  You can use it as an online course platform, for example. Additionally, OTTs can be used for internal communication and as corporate TV. And why not arrange online events on your own platform?

What are the video formats for an OTT service?

Creating your own OTT platform allows you to use recorded and live content in your strategy. And that doesn't mean you have to choose just one – after all, OTT allows you to mix both in a way that makes sense for your audience.

To do this, evaluate the type of content you intend to offer, the production structure you have at your disposal, and your audience's preferences and habits. Also, it's important to understand the video formats available on an OTT platform. We'll cover precisely that next!

Live Broadcast

As with social media and video sites, OTT allows you to make online live streams. This format can be used for online courses, master classes, internal training and internal communication actions, concerts, sports, and any other event you want.

Video On Demand

VOD for Customer Retention

The option for recorded content is possible thanks to Video On Demand. Here, you can make pre-recorded content available for the public to consume on-demand – thus, it is possible to have a catalogue and make the materials available similarly to Netflix.

Live e VOD

Remember: mixing VOD and living in a way that makes the most sense for your audience is important. As mentioned earlier, you can have a platform that uses both live and on-demand content at the same time. In this way, it is possible to put together a strategy that includes both formats and maximizes results.

Which is the best OTT model to grow a cloud video channel fast?

VOD allows the audience to play and watch videos anytime, anywhere. This contradicts the traditional media streaming model, where you must watch scheduled content.

Whether you're a freelance creator or a company looking to harness the power of VOD, there are many platforms for on-demand streaming. They allow you to easily host, manage, monetize, and distribute your VOD content.

The Benefits of VOD

Benefits of VOD

Video has always been the most popular way to consume information and entertainment. From TV and DVR to YouTube and beyond, VOD has come a long way, and with good reason. Some of the benefits of VOD are briefly listed below.

 Not limited to fixed hours

Reaching an audience when they are most likely to resonate with your content is a significant benefit of VOD. Unlike conventional streaming services such as cable TV, VOD allows users to watch content how, when, and where they want.

So not only do viewers have the option to choose their viewing time, but content creators can also take advantage of this feature to reach the audience at their convenience. It's a win-win situation.

Low-budget installation

Unlike satellite or cable television, which requires a massive investment in infrastructure, VOD is relatively easy to set up and use. You only need recording equipment, a stable high-speed internet connection, and a VOD hosting platform.

A low-cost barrier to entry makes it easy for businesses and individual content creators to enter the video-on-demand industry. It also means that users can consume VOD content with very little hardware investment.

Global Reach

Since most VOD services are available on smartphones, the volume of VOD is enormous. Such a vast network turns into a global audience that can be accessed with just a few clicks and taps.

In-depth Analysis and Targeted Delivery of Content

One difference between traditional video consumption and VOD is that viewers almost always access VOD content from a personal device. This means you can access vast amounts of data about your viewers as a service provider.

This allows you to improve segmentation, targeting, and content delivery to the audience. With detailed data on how customers interact with your content and your demographic data points, you can fine-tune your VOD model to deliver personalized content to viewers.

You can even provide subscribers with carefully curated watchlists like the ones Netflix offers. Most VOD services today use AI-based recommender systems to suggest a time to the public.

Better Conversion

All of the above benefits ultimately lead to the most critical thing: better conversions. Instead of just streaming content and waiting for an audience to tune in, VOD providers can use analytics and related metrics to drive conversions.

Lets' Teyuto Help You Building Cloud Video Channel from Scratch

It is not necessary to have a team of developers to create one platform OTT from scratch – which, let's face it, demands more significant investments.

If your goal is to have an accessible and practical way to make your videos available, creating a YouTube channel or other video hosting platforms is possible. However, as it is a public platform, its contents may be the target of illegal copies and piracy.  If you are looking for a safer, more customizable environment with more monetization options, the solution is to look for a professional OTT platform for streaming high-quality content.

Teyuto, for example, allows the creation of a fully customized platform. With brand customization features, you can offer free and restricted access through subscription packages.

In addition, you have access to tools to perform live broadcasts, monetize via advertisements, capture leads, and check complete public and audience reports.

Want to know more? Talk to one of our specialists and learn how to transform your business with your OTT platform.

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