Computer Vision & Machine Learning

Improved detection and identification of objects, actions, and inappropriate content in videos or images.
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Simplified management

User-Generated Safety

Our platform automatically moderates user-generated video content and live streams, ensuring a safe and compliant environment.

Uncover Insights with Machine Learning

Detect objects, actions, and nudity in videos, providing valuable insights for content creators and administrators.

Benefits of Our Solution

Experience 5x faster processing speeds and cost optimization, making your video platform efficient and budget-friendly.

Secure & Insightful

Empower your video platform with cutting-edge AI and machine learning capabilities. Discover secure content moderation, powerful CV/ML detection, and performance optimization.

5x Faster Processing

Video processing time is reduced by up to 30x compared to traditional analysis.

Instant Stop Triggers

Our analysis halts the moment a trigger activates, ensuring you receive immediate answers without waiting for full video processing.

Cost Optimization

Our analysis is swift and efficient, focusing solely on detecting necessary objects without unnecessary actions, helping you save on costs.

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