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High-Quality Video Solution for Sports

Capture HD videos and stream them with our state-of-the-art live sports broadcasting solution. Our platform is known for its ease of use and has been recognized as the "Best Product" by Gartner under the "Video Management Software" category.
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Delight Sports Fans with Flawless Live Streams

With our ultra-low-latency streaming, you can live stream sports events as quickly as your video capture.

Complete Sports Video Solution

Build your brand with a customized video player, white-label platform, and brand-specific workflows for an ultimate broadcast solution.
Security & Privacy

Flexibility in Monetization

Take advantage of pre-, mid-, and post-roll ads to monetize your content alongside other options such as subscriptions, one-time purchases, paywalling, and more.
Ultra-low Latency
Our ultra-low latency streaming ensures that your live stream is as close to the action as possible.
Powerful APIs
Level up your sports video production by customizing your workflows and integrations using Teyuto’s robust APIs.
Sports-specific Solutions
Group videos into different viewing categories and difficulty levels.
Comprehensive Video Analytics
Our analytics give you detailed insights into how your audience engages with your live streams and pre-recorded content so that you can make the necessary adjustments.
HD Video Broadcasts
With our state-of-the-art live sports broadcasting solution, you can trust that your video quality will be excellent every time.
White-label Apps & Platforms
Whether it's connected TVs or mobile phones, we've got your content covered.
Stream to any Device
Teyuto is designed to work with all devices so that your sports fans can watch your live stream and prerecorded shows anytime, anywhere.
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Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with whatever you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a video streaming solution?

A video streaming solution is a platform that helps you upload, manage, and publish your video content. It also provides tools to live stream or offer on-demand videos.

What are the benefits of using a video streaming solution?

There are many benefits of using a video streaming solution. For one, it takes away several technological barriers that might prevent you from offering videos seamlessly to your audience. Some of these barriers include video encoding (to ensure video format support on the end-user's device), playback (to reduce buffering times), and delivery (to multiple devices simultaneously). Similarly, a video streaming solution makes it easier to manage your entire video content library from a single platform.

What features should I look for in an OTT video streaming solution?

There are several features to consider when choosing a video streaming solution. As a sports streaming platform, it's crucial to ensure low latency and seamless delivery across devices, including apps, web, and Smart TVs. Another important feature to consider is scalability. You'll want a platform that can easily handle large traffic spikes during big events or games. You'll also want to ensure that it also equips you with robust security measures to protect your videos and data. It's preferable to have a customizable video player with your brand colors and watermarks.

How much does a video streaming solution cost?

The price of a video streaming solution varies depending on the features and services offered. Some providers charge monthly subscription fees, while others offer pay-as-you-go plans. Make sure to use free trials to see which payment option works the best for you.

What are some everyday use cases for a video streaming solution?

There are many common use cases for a video streaming solution. For example, you can use it to offer live-stream classes or on-demand videos for home workouts. You can also develop a white-label app for your business and include a customized video player with watermarks for superior branding. Some other use cases include product demonstrations, personal channels, flexible monetization, etc.

Should I get a video streaming solution for my sports organization?

Yes! A video streaming solution is an excellent way to reach more fans with your live streams and prerecorded content. It's essential to choose a platform that offers low latency and HD broadcasts so your audience can enjoy a seamless experience. Teyuto also offers sports-specific solutions and real-time analytics so you can track your progress and identify areas for improvement.

Can I use a video streaming solution for my individual sports team?

Yes, you can! A video streaming solution like Teyuto offers a range of features that can benefit your individual sports team. These include a custom video on-demand platform with email notifications, comprehensive video analytics, white-label apps, and more. You can customize your workflows and integrations using Teyuto’s robust APIs if you have a web development team as well.

What are some tips on creating engaging sports videos?

Firstly, for VOD streaming content, start with a great title. People are more likely to watch a video with an intriguing title. Secondly, use attractive visuals (including thumbnails). Thirdly, create content that strikes the right chord with your audience! There's no point in showing them player trivia when they're waiting for a post-match analysis, right? Use reports & analytics to get all relevant insights and adapt accordingly.

How do I market my sports videos?

There are many ways to market your sports videos. You can start by sharing them on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also embed them on your website or blog or create a paid marketing campaign. If you have a mailing list, include links to your videos in your newsletters. You can also offer free trials or gift cards to boost engagement and encourage people to watch your videos. Send direct emails or push in-app messages to your subscribers.

What are some best practices for live-streaming sports events?

Firstly, ensure a strong and stable internet connection. Secondly, use high-quality video and audio equipment for the best results. Thirdly, promote your live stream event in advance so people can know when and where to tune in. Fourthly, if you're streaming a game that's happening in multiple time zones, adjust the start time accordingly! Also, be engaging and interactive with your audience throughout the live stream. Use features like live chatrooms, polls, & Q&As. And finally, follow up with a recording of the live-streamed event (if possible) so people can watch it later if they missed it.

What are some common issues faced while live-streaming sports events?

Several common issues can occur while live streaming sports events, such as buffering or freezing due to low internet speeds, audio/video quality degradation, and more. To avoid them, use a reliable video streaming solution like Gartner-recognized “Teyuto” that offers ultra-low latency streaming, adaptive bitrate, video encoding, and several other critical features.

What is Teyuto?

Teyuto is a video monetization, VOD, OTT, and live streaming platform that provides state-of-the-art services to complement your video production. It offers a range of in-demand features including live stream classes, on-demand videos, white-label app development, and real-time analytics.

What are the benefits of using Teyuto?

There are many benefits of using Teyuto. For one thing, it has a drag-and-drop platform builder that makes it easy to create a custom video player for your brand. Teyuto also offers ultra-low latency streaming, robust APIs for custom integrations, a reliable CDN for quick and reliable content delivery across your target geographies, advanced security features, comprehensive analytics, white-label apps and platforms, desired monetization options, and more. Teyuto also makes your engagement much easier with live chatrooms, Q&As, email notifications, coupons, free trials, and more!

What kind of support does Teyuto offer?

Teyuto offers 24/7 support so you can always get the help you need. Our team is here to help you every step of the way.

How much does Teyuto cost?

Teyuto offers a variety of pricing options depending on your needs. Our pricing starts from €29/month. We offer a free trial, so you can dry run our services and decide which service tier suits your needs the best.

How can I learn more about sports streaming?

You can learn more about sports streaming by reading one of the many informational OTT streaming and live streaming blogs available online. You can also check out Teyuto’s blog section for the same, alongside some very helpful tips and tricks!

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