10 Ways to Optimize Cloud Video For Quick Monetization in 2023

In this blog, we will not only delve into what is video optimization but also some of its technical aspects, video content SEO, and how to optimize for monetization.
October 15, 2023
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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the cloud video streaming industry has witnessed exceptional growth. OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Video, and Hulu saved the day for millions of people across the globe.

Then, it wasn’t a surprise that they also made big bucks doing it. In fact, the sustained momentum led Netflix to generate over $31 billion and Hulu $10 billion while Amazon Video clocked $5.16 billion in 2022. To offer contrast, cord-cutting reached an all-time high during the pandemic and is something that continues till date.

The writing is on the wall. Whether you are running a news media agency or a publishing house, you are a content creator or a content aggregator, tapping into the cord-cutting trend makes the most sense in the contemporary market.

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Since OTT platforms are more accessible and offer customized solutions, global industries, content creators, and corporations can generate substantial revenues by monetizing their videos. For instance, in 2022, worldwide Over-The-Top revenue reached up to $157 billion, which is more than the GDP of The Bahamas, Madagascar, Malta, and Costa Rica taken together. So, if you want to start an OTT platform and monetize it, the time is now!

But you cannot expect magnificent results without optimization.

That is precisely where this blog comes into the picture. In this blog, we will not only delve into what is video optimization but also some of its technical aspects, how to optimize video content for search engine, OTT app optimization, and how to optimize videos for monetization.

What is video optimization?

Video optimization solutions typically include a combination of technologies that provide more efficient and cost-effective delivery of video content. The solutions may also include analytics to track video performance and identify potential improvements. This can help ensure optimal experience for your viewers.

Several factors are involved here such as:

·         Optimizing Technical Aspects; Size, Bitrate, and Video Format

·         Optimizing Content for Search Engine

·         Optimizing OTT Application for a user-friendly interface

How to optimize the technical aspects of a video?

Usually, content creators use smartphone cameras for making videos. This video format (MPEG-4, AV1, etc.) may consume a lot of space and not be optimized for digital distribution. Hence, their file size and bitrate must be optimize.

But while doing so, the video shouldn’t lose its quality. For this purpose, you can use a popular end-to-end video solution provider like Teyuto for digital distribution. Teyuto has a proprietary protocol that optimally processes the videos for digital delivery.

The solution not only considers the end-user device (which may or may not support a particular video format) but also routes the content via a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that is nearest to the end-user (which substantially reduces latency). Being a proprietary video streaming protocol, it is also very cost-effective and secure.

The added benefit is that with the Teyuto video customization feature, you can also build your channel (video platform) using a no-code format with a drag-and-drop channel builder. The platform further empowers you with the usage of brand colors and logos (as a watermark) on your video player.

 This tool comes with the following features:

  •   Individual Domain

Domain-level video optimization guarantees brand visibility during video distribution. Similarly, not only can it help you increase potential customers on video search engines but also augment conversion rates by making sure that your target audience is able to find the content they are looking for. This can lead to more people signing up for your services or buying your products.

  •   SSL-Protection

SSL protection plays a decisive role in securing your data as it creates a secure connection between the user and the website. Ultimately, it adds to your content- and user-security while extending smoother experiences. Furthermore, it significantly reduces load times and improves website performance.

  • Custom Page

Custom pages provide a unique way for the audience to discover tailored content, engage with the platform, and interact with the brand. Custom pages can be used to present content in new and innovative ways. OTT platforms can use this feature to realize various benefits including exclusive content promotion, interactive customer experiences, and live events alongside others. 

  •   SEO Optimization

Video delivery platforms with search-engine-optimized features reduce your burden on editing and putting in extra effort to optimize your video content. For instance, you will get excellent video loading speed with a custom title and description features (with H1 and P tags respectively), all of which add up to your SEO efforts. 

  •  Customized Player

Getting a custom player feature on your OTT platform allows you to keep your brand on point. You can effortlessly customize the color scheme or add widgets for quick access to content or features. Teyuto’s customized video player even enables you to add documents (such as PDFs) and CTAs within the video player itself.

Optimizing Content for Search Engine

Content is the king in the OTT cloud video industry, which plays a crucial role in setting the high-level pitch and directing your channel to success.

For video optimization, developing a strategy for creating content that is tailored to the needs of your audience will leverage data-driven insights to inform and optimize your content decisions. 

In addition, utilizing interactive elements such as polls and surveys in videos will pull in more viewers. Moreover, never forget to invest in high-quality video and audio production to ensure the best possible viewing experience.

 For this purpose, you can follow the given proven techniques:

  • User-intent should be at the top of the list
  • Structure the content for maximum engagement
  •  Follow audience trends for a particular niche
  • Add helpful images

Optimizing OTT Applications for a user-friendly interface

1. Smoothen your Navigation: Streamlining navigation will help the user to access the desired content instantly. For instance, you can use better visuals and CMS for better optimization. You can try our Video Content Management System which is an excellent tool for all VOD and live streaming applications.

2. Enable Search: Show the search bar prominently for quick searching.

3. Tailored Recommendations: Leverage user data to display recommended content according to user content choice. You can set up movie or video banners for quick display according to viewer preference.

4. Apply Swipe Gesture: A U.S. study found that 65% people prefer mobile devices to watch digital videos. So, make sure your videos are mobile-friendly with features like content swiping. Swiping allows consumers to swiftly browse through their favorite content.

5. Display Visual Cues: Applying visual cues like thumbnails will enhance users’ engagement in content. In addition, they can navigate through more data such as their favorite movies, web series, or trending shows according to their interests.

6. Integrate User Feedback: Incorporate user feedback into the OTT app interface. It will help you to make changes that will ultimately accelerate your services according to consumers’ choices.

7. Avoid Clutters: Simplify the navigation as much as possible as it will win both time and user satisfaction.

Why do content creators need an OTT platform for video monetization?

OTT platforms are effective in monetization because they have more liberty in terms of their revenue-generation models. For instance, an OTT platform can generate revenues via:

  1. Subscriptions
  2. Pay-per-view
  3. Pay-per-minute
  4. Ads and promotions
  5. Freemium content
  6. Merchandizing
  7. Donations
  8. Or anything else

To read more about OTT monetization models, you can read our blog: how to creatively monetize your video OTT platform?

YouTube is a time-tested, money-making machine for content creators. But it has a catch. According to the Wall Street Journal, with its subscription-based model in place, YouTube started earning more profit. Today, the platform charges up to 55% share on every ad-based revenue.

At Teyuto, you will be getting 100% profits. That’s the Teyuto promise to you. Clear and simple.

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10 Ways to Optimize Video for Quick Monetization

Monetizing video content through OTT platforms can be a daunting task for beginners. However, selecting the right platform and implementing effective strategies can lead to exceptional results. To achieve success in OTT video monetization, consider the following practical tips.

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1.   Create Your OTT Platform

To start your monetization journey, you need a reliable OTT platform like Teyuto. So, go ahead and create your channel (or white-label application) with Teyuto.

2.   Research On Competitors

Studying your competitors will give you better insights into market trends, prices, and content strategies. For instance, if you are offering a subscription-based model, your price range should meet the market trend.

Taking a slow and steady approach to profitability can be a wise strategy. Additionally, it is important to carefully study the app interfaces of popular OTT platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Video, which feature distinctive and user-friendly navigation.

3.   Build an Online Community

Building an online community will give you an extra edge over your competitors. Just a decade ago, a student dropped out of school just to play video games online. He used to upload his video content online on social media platforms, making him $30 million. It couldn’t have been possible without his video-watching community supporting his content.

The influence of the online social community plays a decisive role in making your content successful. Engaging content is the key player here. Your content should have the potential to captivate the audience.

4.   Host Live Events

For quick video monetization, hosting live events is an ideal approach. There are several ways to execute this strategy:

Try Paid Ticketing:  You can integrate a paid ticketing option in the interface to sell tickets online. It will generate quick revenue, thereby helping you cover the cost of hosting live events.

Offer Sponsorships: Winning sponsorships is a highly effective way to generate revenue when hosting a live event. To secure reliable sponsors for video streaming, identify relevant industries and send them proposals highlighting the marketing possibilities of cloud video streaming. Once you have built a successful online community, numerous companies will likely be interested in sponsoring your live events.

5.   Develop a Video Library:

As soon as the event ends, you can create a separate video library for the audience who couldn’t watch your live content.

6.   Focus on Engagement:

To quickly reach your potential audience, it's important to keep your content short and engaging. Longer, less interactive videos often fail to make a positive impact and are frequently skipped.

Therefore, developing clear and concise video content is crucial. Consider using a compelling call-to-action strategy to encourage consumers to follow up on your live events.

7.   Social Media Networking

Social media networking is crucial for building your community and achieving success in cloud video monetization.

Sharing your content on social media platforms can attract more potential audiences to your OTT platform.

To further increase your content's reach, following trending news and events can produce extraordinary results.

This step can increase your chances of making more money, as online communities share and recommend your content to their friends and colleagues, ultimately expanding your audience pool.

8.   Optimize Content to Monetize the OTT Platform

Optimizing your content is crucial to monetizing your OTT platform, but how can you refine your video content for quick reach and long-lasting results? One approach is to make your video titles and descriptions catchy.

Remember that the title should reflect the essence of your content, and doing so can help search engines quickly index your content.

9.   Revamp the Interface

The success of most popular OTT applications heavily depends on their smooth navigation and search filters. If you are running an OTT platform for video monetization, categorize your major and minor content in a sequence. It will help the consumer find their favorite web series, movies, or trending shows more conveniently.

10.   Track Performance

As soon as you are done with uploading video libraries, the next step is to track your performance. Modern OTT platforms, like Teyuto, offer excellent user activity insights that help you monitor the value of your content closely. By tracking performance, you can refine your content strategy and make data-driven decisions.

Try Teyuto OTT Solutions For Video Monetization

Teyuto's OTT Solutions are designed to help businesses create professional, branded over-the-top (OTT) streaming experiences. In addition to providing in-depth analytics for every video, the platform supports advanced content management, membership models, and site creation tools (drag-and-drop channel builder).

Teyuto provides everything you need to start a video streaming business and optimize your videos for monetization. Contact us today.

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