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  • Communication

    Connect you collaborators with video, increase productivity and build trust.
    Spread your corporate culture thanks to the power of live streaming managing video in series, for a better sharing of knowledge.

    • Increase productivity

    • Better collaboration

    • Improves relationships

  • Brand Identity

    Do your collaborators really know your brand?
    Create interactive video quiz to teach you members and inform them about your vision, in a more innovative and inspiring way.

    • Innovative video quiz

    • Share your vision

    • Inspire your members

  • E-Learning

    Boost up your E-Learning process with live streaming technology, managing members in groups and organaizing video in series, tv show like. Manage Series can contain video on-demand, live and video quiz, are the most efficient way to organize learning and fastly integrate new resources.

    • Live video

    • Members inside groups

    • TV show like

  • Live events

    Spread live events safe, when you want from any device. With our platform and our app you can reduce costs and complexity to go live and improve the engagement and the experience of all your members.

    • No complexity

    • Improve engagement

    • Any device

  • Video Knowledge-base

    Build and form internal team using the power of video, to inspire all members inside your area, current and future.

    • Integrate new members

    • Form your clients

    • Train current members

  • Marketing

    Everything you need to run your video business under subscription without coding knowledge. Attract new members to your channel and start to earn from video.

    • Landing page

    • Chatbot

    • Newsletter

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