Teyuto Platform Affiliate Program

Dear User, welcome to the section of our Terms & Conditions that govern the affiliate program of the Teyuto platform.

Teyuto SRL’s information: 

Registered office: Via Ippolito Pindemonte 63, Florence (FI), 50124

VAT number: 06781570483

PEC: teyuto@legalmail.it


Art. 1 - Definitions and object of the contract

Client: the subject, other than the Affiliate, that owns a subscription Service on the Platform.

Referral Code: the code (that will be provided both in alphanumeric format, and also through a link) that associates a purchase made by a customer with the Affiliate who promoted the aforementioned purchase, to be used in the fields expressly provided for on the Platform.

Affiliate Commission: a cash commission that Teyuto pays to the Affiliate on each Customer purchase made using the specific Referral Code associated with the Affiliate itself.

Third Parties: any person other than the Affiliate or Teyuto.

Platform: the software infrastructure created by Teyuto to allow Users, through their devices, to use the Service.

Affiliate Terms & Conditions: this document prepared by Teyuto Srl and accepted by the Affiliate.

Service: the right and the effective possibility for the User to use the Teyuto software, such use being contingent on the specific functions potentially purchased by the user through its individual account.

Terms & Conditions: the document that users accept by means of the appropriate flag when registering on the Platform or when accessing the services via a specific direct link.

User: the subject who, through the registration process, has created and owns an account on the Platform or the subject who is occasionally hosted on the Platform or who uses the services without any obligation to register.

Art. 2 - Rights and obligations of the Affiliate

Art. 3 - Use of distinctive signs


Art. 5 - Fees

Affiliate Commission, paid by Teyuto on the Customer’s purchase made using the specific Referral Code

25% (twenty five) on the ordinary list price plus any extra fees.

Art. 6 - Quality standards and compliance with the applicable legislation

Art. 7 - Confidentiality obligations


Art. 9 - Withdrawal, suspension and termination

Art. 10 - Liability

Art. 11 - Privacy

Art. 12 - Final Provisions and Jurisdiction

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